Live Conclave Demonstration and Q&A with Creator Nick Branstator

Much as we all love Kickstarter, it isn’t often that we get to try the product before its full completion. There’s obvious reasons for the undesirable wait, but with Conclave’s successful campaign, 10×10 Room launched a free beta for everyone to play while development continued. Over the course of time, Conclave has seen immense improvements and now it nears completing its first campaign. Here to show off the magic realm he helped to create, Nick Branstator of 10×10 Room will join us for a live demonstration of this content along with answering any questions you might have! It all begins Friday at 2pm EST.

Kicking off a brand new push to bring the world more personalized (and personable) content, we managed to land Conclave extraordinaire Nick Branstator for an in-depth session and conversation about everything Conclave! In case you didn’t witness the Kickstarter they brought on, there’s tons of great information you shouldn’t pass up. Also as an added bonus, you can bare witness to the mythical energies and passion of Mass Effect composer, Sam Hulick. Weaving an intricate force of pure sound, the soundtrack can be heard and purchased at 10×10 Room’s own Bandcamp site. Alright, alright we’ve already teased enough and we still need to leave some surprises for the stream! Where can you jump in on Friday, April 26th at 2pm EST? Well, right here of course! You can also head over to our official Twitch page if that makes you feel better.

EDIT: The livestream is over, but you can still watch the entire show below!

We’re massively excited to be bringing you this livestream and can’t wait to show off some Conclave with Nick Branstator! Don’t worry, he’s usually nice and will answer any questions you have. Just, whatever you do, don’t make fun of his mutant goblin. That’s just not cool.