Kiki’s Delivery Service

Live Action Adaptation of Kiki’s Delivery Service Confirmed

Kiki’s Delivery Service was a coming of age tale written by Kadono Eiko about a young witch who finds a special purpose in her life as she lives an independent life in the big city. Produced by Studio Ghibli as an anime, the English dubbed version of the anime featured the voice talents of Kirsten Dunst, Debbie Reynolds, and Phil Hartman in one of his final performances.

There was a rumor of plans for a live action adaptation of the iconic Kiki’s Delivery Service, but rumors were squashed earlier this month upon Studio Ghibli’s statement of having “nothing to do with it,” which sounded like a denial of the planned live action adaptation. Then it was noted that Studio Ghibli does not own the rights to Kiki’s Delivery Service, and therefore would have no involvement in its live action adaptation.

Today, Japanese sports newspapers Sports Nippon and Sports Hochi confirm that sixteen year old figure skater Koshiba Fuka has been cast as the titular character for a live action version of Kiki’s Delivery Service with Shimizu Takashi directing. Shimizu’s other works include Ju-On and The Grudge. Shimizu intends to expand upon the anime by covering the first two of Kadono Eiko’s Kiki’s Delivery Service novels.

One question among Kiki’s Delivery Service fans is whether they will use a real or CG cat for Jiji, Kiki’s wisecracking cat sidekick/familiar.