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Infinite Crisis: The MOBA for DC Fans

Infinite Crisis was announced by DC towards the end of March. The game aims to bring the MOBA genre to fans of DC comics. By providing players with a slew of champions from various dimensions that exist in DC comics, the game hopes to keep a fresh unique MOBA experience.

DC comics have been getting a fair amount of attention as of late. Starting with the Christopher Nolan adaptations of Batman films, there have been more DC films being made. On the gaming front, there was DC Universe Online that allowed players to take the role of their own super hero fighting alongside their favorite characters in an MMO, but Injustice has also just recently hit store shelves.  The common agreement among players is that it provides one of the best stories in the fighting game genre. It seems no secret or surprise to anyone that from here on out DC can only look to expand their market and player base.

This is where Infinite Crisis comes into play.  This latest game to wear the DC jersey is definitely an attention grabber. This MOBA combines many parallel dimensions that exist within the comics. Infinite Crisis’ story seems like a cool way to marry the comic characters to the genre. From what the initial launch trailer shows, it seems safe to say that there will be multiple versions of characters from different universes. For example, the trailer shows three distinct Batmans. (Batmen?) Each represents the shape of the universe they came from. Shown was a traditional version of the caped crusader, a twisted Nightmare Batman, and what appears to be a steampunk Batman. Each seemed to have different moves and play styles to them. If that’s the case, there is a whole roster of playable champions in each different realm of existence, and in comic books, there are lot of realms of existence.

From what has been shown from the game, it seems to play pretty similar to most other MOBA games. Infinite Crisis has a top down camera view very much like League of Legends, which makes sense considering the game’s popularity. One feature that stood out to me was that maps and play areas can be altered through in game events. The idea of calling down a meteor to suppress the enemy team or possibly filling the enemy half of the lane with the Joker’s laughing gas looks to be a really cool feature. It seems perfect for the epic comic book battles that will follow.

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Right now beta applications are being taken. If you’re at all interested in what this game could be, I would suggest to check it out at their website.

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