REPORT: Call of Duty: Ghosts Box Art Revealed

There have been many rumors swirling around certain corners of the gaming industry as to what the new Call of Duty game will be called. Today, the box art for the game has been leaked through a United Kingdom retailer.

The retailer, Tesco, posted the pre order option for the next game. According to the website, the game is called Call of Duty: Ghosts, the same name as the one that has been rumored for some time. Alongside the title, Tesco posted box art for the game which has not been seen previously. The image shows the character Ghost, who appeared in Infinity Ward’s massive hit, Modern Warfare 2, but the character has not been seen since. The character is identifiable through his distinctive mask which had a skull printed on the front. The art also shows off the confirmation that Infinity Ward, creators of the Call of Duty series, will be taking the lead n development this time around. The most recently released Infinity Ward Call of Duty game was Modern Warfare 3, as Treyarch took over for last year’s entry of Black Ops II. Below is the box art:



The retailer also had a release date accompanying the title and the box art. Seeing as the release date is 12/30/2013 I would expect to be purely a place holder by the company. Previous Call of Duty games have been released in the month of October or around that month, so a December release would be out of the ordinary. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are the only confirmed platforms by Tesco, but expect next generation releases to accompany these.

Call of Duty: Ghosts was leaked previously by YouTube user Drift0r who suggested the name and also details such as the setting being in the near future, akin to Black Ops II, but featuring currently available weaponry. Expect more details in the coming weeks.