Saints Row 4 Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

Deep Silver, the new publisher of Saints Row 4has announced that this new volume of the hit sandbox gangster video game will have pre-order bonuses available. Dubbed the Commander in Chief Edition, these bonuses will be available for XBox 360, PS3, and PC versions.

Fitting for a video game where you play as the President of the United States and leader of the notorious 3rd Street Saints, the Commander in Chief  bonuses include an Uncle Sam outfit for your character; the ‘Merica Weapon (which comes fully loaded with rocket launchers, flamethrowers, shotguns, and a dubstep gun), and the Screaming Eagle Jet that’s shaped like a bald eagle. It’s all about patriotism, babe.

Saints Row has made a niche for itself as kooky gangster sandbox game with the third game amping up the humor to 11. Now the fourth game simply goes beyond crazy as it involves aliens, superpowers, and the aforementioned presidency.

Now, the best part about the Commander in Chief edition is that it doesn’t cost anything extra. Just pre-order Saints Row 4 and be ready to rain a mix of patriotic justice and superpowered lunacy on the good ol’ USA come August 20.