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One Piece Episode 591: Nami, Always the Hostage

In episode 591 of One Piece titled “To Annihilate the Strawhats, Two Legendary Assassins Descend!,” the Yeti Cool Brothers go after the rest of the Strawhat crew while also taking out their captive Brownbeard.



Luffy takes a group with him to confront the Master of the island, leaving Nami (in Franky’s body) and Chopper (in Sanji’s body) to tend to the sleeping berserker kids and Brownbeard but the Yeti Cool Brothers attack the ruins of the laboratories where they are hiding; Luffy and the others go back to assist their assailed crewmates as Brownbeard is attacked by one of the brothers under orders from Caesar Clown; Luffy attacks the Yeti Brothers but they disappear and escape with Nami; G-5 Marines who wanted to steal a ship were ambushed, and Law’s past arrangements with Caesar are revealed.

My first reaction to these events was a facepalm. The Yeti Cool Brothers were given orders to take the cyborg alive for experimentation. Nami’s luck sucks bad. She’s almost always taken hostage even when she’s in a different freaking body. While it’s still a small mystery how the Cool Brothers “Rock” and “Scotch” took out Zoro’s group, they were doubly lucky that they didn’t encounter Franky and Sanji in their correct personalities. I also wanted to see Chopper test out Sanji’s strength, but it was Nami who did the (ridiculous-looking) testing around with Franky’s beam – which she failed to use.

Luckily for pace-hungry fans like myself, this episode seems to foreshadow some good fights ahead, as Luffy already had a brief skirmish with the mysterious Yeti. He also showcased his observation Haki skills, which he doesn’t seem to always use, much to my confusion. It’s quite handy to have it “always on” – perhaps Luffy is not sufficiently capable of using it as much or it’s too straining to always use it. Unfortunately not much can be said for the fight itself, which was very short and not so well-animated. The episode took a step back from storytelling too (thankfully, as the past few episodes were nearly ALL storytelling after that short but sweet clash between Vice Admiral Smoker and Shichibukai Trafalgar Law) and only showed Law’s previous arrangements with Caesar. Caesar and his goals with the island seem clear enough, but the man they call Joker who seems to be running the operation and Law’s own intentions are still in the dark.

So far this arc seems to be approaching the phase where the Strawhats are starting to draw apart again and the enemy gets the upper hand. Soon, we’ll see some enemies fall and stronger ones join the fray, while the Strawhats struggle to regroup. Between now and that time, however, we should be seeing some action from the other factions involved, particularly Law and the G-5 Marines. Smoker will probably team up with Strawhat again to bring down a greater evil, but what about Law, who’s capable enough to strike down a vice admiral with relative ease? He’ll be a tough opponent and a valuable ally. Which will he be?  [by ]