Indie Game LEAIT Turns Your Infected Hard Drive Into a Game

It’s been decades since I’ve used the DOS interface on my computer. So I took in a wave of bizarre nostalgia when I stumbled upon indie developer Lunduke and his new endeavor the Lunduke Experimental Artificial Intelligence Terminal (“LEAIT” for short). LEAIT looks and functions like the old DOS interface. It obeys typed in commands like “CD,” “LS,” DIR,” and “DEL” as you browse the very files on the computer on which you have LEAIT running. Helping you run LEAIT is Ruby, a simple AI that likes bad jokes and will quip on command to break the monotony of you staring at a black screen of computer commands.

But then Ruby contracts a virus…. and goes insane.

The virus infects your files as the command screen gets progressively glitchy. Ruby’s quips slowly deteriorate into panic and pleas for help. The virus follows a specific set of rules and these rules are the key to quarantining the virus.

Unfortunately, quarantining the virus means deleting your files. Your precious files that my contain your memorable photos. Or all of those songs you downloaded. Or even that secret porn collection tucked away somewhere.  You’ll definitely feel some loss as you are forced to delete your files. But if you move fast enough, you can minimize the amount to delete. But if you’re playing the trial version, you can’t delete files, so all you can do is watch helplessly as your computer and Ruby slowly get consumed by this virus.

Fortunately, LEAIT is merely a simulation and your files are not in jeopardy. But using your own files adds a personal stake in the threat at hand. LEAIT sets the game in a bizarre situation, but bizarre situations are the norm for video games whether set in a zombie apocalypse or a floating city in an alternative vision of 1912. Any game that can immerse you within its environment where you have a willing suspension of disbelief is truly a game worth playing. And LEAIT is only $3, so it’s a small price to try out a unique indie puzzle game.

Just be glad that LEAIT doesn’t actually delete your files. At least I bloody well hope I didn’t delete my honeymoon photos.