Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 76: Welcome the New Arc! (and New Opening!)

In episode 76 of Hunter X Hunter 2011 titled “Reunion and Understanding,” Gon does not meet his father Ging, but is instead reunited with an old acquaintance from his childhood and gains an understanding of his father’s plans for him while a dangerous creature lurks within the caverns of a far-off continent, regaining its strength.

It’s finally time to kick off the newest and most anticipated arc in the Hunter X Hunter series since its original manga chapter was released in Japan back in 2003 – yes it’s been a decade. Gon and Killua seem to have found Gon’s father, but the first thing the stranger they meet does is shove them down and shoot with a creatively talkative Nen ability, and this reveals the antagonist species of this arc: the Chimera Ants. The stranger introduces himself as Kite, a hunter who Gon met back in Whale Island when he was a clumsy youth. Kite reveals that he was trained by Ging, Gon’s father.

This opening episode for the arc was noticeably different from the 1999 series and the manga itself, where Kite was one of the first characters to appear at the beginning of the series and was in fact responsible for letting Gon know that Ging was still alive. I wondered how this 2011 retelling would kindle the relationship between Gon and Kite if that part was taken out, since their closeness will eventually play a big role in the coming events. I think I know how Madhouse is playing it. This episode was merely a “storytelling” episode – indeed, Kite literally told stories of his youth and about Ging to both Gon and Killua while they were sitting at a camp fire. It also helped build up two interesting facets of the series, however, namely how Madhouse plans to create that “closeness” between Gon and Kite and how they intend to portray Ging.

Gon realizes how far-reaching his father’s influence truly is when he understood that Ging had planned everything out for him the moment he decided to chase after him – perhaps way back when he heard the recording Ging left for him. He understood how Greed Island helped him grow stronger and how meeting the people there helped him achieve more goals than he himself planned. He realized that even his meeting Kite was planned, and indeed it was. In a brief flashback we see a young Ging tell Eeta (or was it Elena?) to send Gon to Kite if he used accompany instead of magnetic force. Killua deduced that Kite, once having found Ging and succeeded in that final mission, was deemed worthy of this next task: mentoring Gon. This means that Kite and Gon will grow close even without the original events at the beginning of the series where Gon owed Kite for his decision to become a hunter. This satisfies all the requisites to set the stage for the events to follow. Ging is largely being portrayed as a ridiculously talented mastermind, capable of predicting and manipulating events to suit his purposes. This is all well and good, as farther down this arc (after this one, actually), this foreshadowing will prove relevant. Don’t worry, spoil you, I will not.

For fans who have never read the manga, you may want to brace yourselves. This arc is insane. For one thing, they’ll be fighting ants. ANTS. Chimera Ants are one of the most dangerous and unique creatures in the world of Hunter X Hunter, and that creature lurking in the shadows of a cavern in a far-off continent is a Queen Chimera Ant. If you saw what a regular-sized ant did to Killua (even with half its body blasted off, it still managed to draw blood with one bite), then you can expect carnage with a Chimera Ant as big as the Queen.

You get a glimpse of the creatures these ants become courtesy of the new opening, which, unfortunately still kept the OST Departure (Version 2), but managed to deliver some great visuals. You can watch the video below. [by ]