BIoShock Infinite Voxophone

BioShock Infinite Fan Creates Working Voxophone

When loyal fans want to show off their love for a video game, some draw fan art. Some cosplay as characters from the game. And some, like Jesse Demers, recreate props from the video game such as this working Voxophone like the ones collected in Irrational Games’ hit BioShock Infinite.

Set in an alternate 1912, BioShock Infinite has players take on the role of Booker DeWitt as he explores the  floating city of Columbia looking for Elizabeth, a girl with mysterious powers. During his exploration and subsequent run-ins with various people who want to kill him, Booker can collect these Voxophones that flesh out the history of Columbia through audio commentary of various residents. Booker even gets to try one out in one of BioShock Infinite’s calmer moments.

Jesse Demer’s version is crafted from oak and plexiglass and features a prop vinyl record spinning as the Voxophone plays. An MP3 player is actually providing the anachronistic music featured on BioShock Infinite. Hidden buttons in the speaker cloth access the Voxophone’s features. It’s a pretty impressive piece of functional work, and Rosalind Lutece would probably be proud of how the modern technology captures the older century’s aesthetic. At the very least, it has captured the interest of the BioShock fanpage on Facebook.

Comment below on the video game props that you would like to see brought to life here (with bonus points for it being functional).