Beyond: Two Souls’ Script Is Very Long

Beyond: Two Souls is the next game from the talented developers at Quantic Dream, the creators of games such as Omikron: The Nomad Soul and Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy. For the game, they have enlisted the services of talented actors and actresses (see Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page) to ensure that the game will be full to the brim with true emotion and realistic motion-capture performances. The developer’s most recent game, Heavy Rain, was likely the first step in this direction, featuring a more compelling story line and characters than actual gameplay. Today, some information was released from Beyond: Two Souls in the form of a photograph detailing the story length.

On Facebook, Dan Ackerman, CNET’s Senior Editor, posted a photograph of a representative script from Beyond: Two Souls. The script features no hints at the actual nature of the story because every ingle page is completely blank (so no spoilers, don’t worry). It does, however, give us gamers an insight into the depth that David Cage, the founder, co-CEO and screenwriter for Quantic Dream, has poured into the game in an effort to create more drama, emotion and movie-like qualities. According to Ackerman, the script that Sony sent him has over 2000 pages to it. This is many more pages than your average movie script and I would wager a large sum of money on it being many times larger than your average video game script. Amazing. The fact that Sony have wanted to show the script length off to the public is a good sign, as it shows that they are confident in the project.



Let us hope that the full game delivers the same ‘larger than life’ vibe that the script seems to be giving us. Beyond: Two Souls is set for an October release date and is a PlayStation 3 exclusive.