Why I Want to See Another Movies Game From Lionhead

The developers at Lionhead Studios have been working on Fable games since the original The Movies came out.  Their work has been commendable, but it’s starting to become expected that everything they work on is Fable related.  Fans of Lionhead have been consistently demanding a third installment of Black & White, but here’s why I think there’s a good reason for a new version of The Movies.


The Movies lets you write or have scriptwriters write scripts to use in the creation of casted and directed films.

First off, the game is no longer considered compatible with new operating systems.  This means that special instructions are required to run the game successfully.  The game has some clipping issues with the text and there are problems with limited numbers of resolutions being supported.  Games, even so-called classics, have sufficient support for future operating systems, but this one drops the ball, having issues on everything since Windows XP.


The game includes all the buildings you would expect to see on a movie lot, including plastic surgeons and makeover departments.

A reboot or sequel would take advantage of more modern resolutions in the native options, instead of having to work around it in the registry, and would allow improved graphics for the actors.  The gameplay was great before, so there wouldn’t be much to change as far as that’s concerned.  The game is only lacking sufficient support for new systems, but additions and support for multiplayer would be a welcome addition.

The online feature, which I never really utilized when it was supported, allowed sharing of completed movies.  With the development of hobby movie making, especially with YouTube, people may be able to make better use of the game and share their works online, maybe even with a linkup directly to Facebook or YouTube.


The layout of your studio is entirely up to you, and different terrain has different benefits.

The Movies was one of the best business simulator titles I’ve tried.  The ability to hire, train, and develop the careers of all the aspects of a movie studio is an intriguing and thoughtful idea that came well before its time.  Now that so many people are familiar with the idea of making and sharing movies, the game could be very popular.

The only concern is that if its 84 Metacritic score was “too low” for them to consider a sequel, they’d overlook the IP when considering new projects.  The Movies 2 would certainly be bought by myself, especially if it added more social aspects and content.

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  1. eza

    hear hear! I would love to see a sequel, or at the very least a Windows 7 & 8 compatible release on Steam… This is up there among the best games I’ve ever played.
    Another similar great old game I’d like to see a rerelease of is Stunt Island.
    A Movies 2 that combines Stunt Island would be the ultimate movie-making game.

  2. MrAustenM

    The Movies was such a fresh new idea for the gaming industry. It was a totally new concept for a video game to be able to produce movies and machinima like it did. I’m totally shocked that Lionhead studios, or even a completely differing gaming company hasn’t developed another movie making themed video game like that for almost eight years! It’s this completely untapped genre of gaming that could really be innovative and cool if a developer would actually explore it.

  3. Whiskey Sutdios Croatia

    I’ve made a 99 minute feature film with this game, the full title is: FATAL CONTACT (LAST FEATURE FILM MADE WITH THE HELP OF THE MOVIES GAME) You can write it in the youtube search bar and check it out:-)
    Thank you for eventual viewing and comments:-))))))))

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