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The Showdown Effect Review: Kill or Be Killed to the Extreme

The Showdown Effect is an action movie parody game that lets you deathmatch with other players in an all out war to see who’s the Last Man Standing. If you play a lot of these games, then probably you know how much you die in the beginning while you’re learning all the tricks to being the killer instead of the killed. It takes a bit of trial and error to figure out which weapons work best for you, and then your opponent may render your choice null because of theirs. I mean your big, heavy sword might be an awesome weapon, but the guy with the bow or the bazooka isn’t going to just let you catch up with him. No, he’s going to blow your ass away when you’re charging him. So you have to learn not to bring a knife to an explosives fight and shoot back when you’ve got the enemy at a disadvantage.

One of my issues with The Showdown Effect is that there’s no single player mode. You’re always playing against live opponents unless you’re in training mode, which is only populated by you and targeting dummy’s, so there’s no real chance to learn how to fight against living moving opponents, even if they are just AI. This puts new players at a distinct disadvantage, but it also means that you’ve got a lot of incentive to figure things out quickly.

showdown effect 2You only bring one gun with you into the Thunder Dome that is The Showdown Effect, there are plenty of other choices to be had if you so desire. There are also items that work as shields, which will help extend your life expectancy. While some weapons are easy to use, it takes a bit of time to get used to how the gun works in The Showdown Effect. You can’t just pull the trigger and expect to take out your enemy, you have to keep the cursor on them or your shots are wasted. It took me a bit to figure this out during my first game, and once I did it worked a little better, but people generally don’t stand still to get shot so it can be hard to get kills that way. Explosives seem to be a good choice if you want to take people out, though they still don’t stand still for that either.

Mobility is the key to surviving in The Showdown Effect, but running around and avoiding your enemy can be kind of boring if there are just a few of you in the same game. If you want to play cat and mouse you can. There are elevators that take you up to the top level and back down again. These can save your life (and annoy your opponent) if you get on one just as someone gets you in their sights. None of the people I played against were foolish enough to follow when I went up in the elevator, though I waited for a little bit to see if I could take someone out that way. Like in any other deathmatch game, being where your opponent can’t see you is the ultimate advantage. Then you can just drop down and take them out.

The maps are cool, with plenty of places to run away from the guy with the bazooka and enough ledges that you can circle around and get behind someone. The Tokyo one is my favorite, only because it has a Godzilla-like monster in the background. But don’t stand around and gawk at it too much, or you’ll get taken out by an enemy.

The best thing about The Showdown Effect is everything is a weapon. They’re everywhere, just waiting to dispatch your enemies in cool ways.

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