North America League Championship Series Week 10 Recap

Week 10 marked the end of the first half of season 3.  Dubbed Super Week, week 10 had more games than usual (20 matches over a 3 day period).  Due to the fact that were an absurd amount of games, I’ve decided to only write summaries for matches that I thought were special in particular.  All of the results for every single match will still be listed.

(Underline signifies winner)

Day 1 – Wednesday

Match 1 – comLexity vs. Team Dignitas

It looked like an upset was to be in order for the first game of week 10.  compLexity took away one of Scarra’s favorite mid lane champions by picking Gragas, and used it to great effect.  Thresh also came up huge for compLexity, as hook after hook continually landed easy kills for the team.  A huge underdog coming into the match, compLexity came up victorious over Dignitas in a 39 minute match.

Match 2 – Team MRN vs. TSM Snapdragon

Although this was match between one of the top teams against one of the lower teams, it ended up being a close affair that could’ve gone either way.  With two of their inhibitor turrets down, TSM came out on top during the final team fight and came out with the victory in this 44 minute slugfest.

Match 3 – compLexity vs. Good Game University

Match 4 – Counter Logic Gaming vs. TSM Snapdragon

Match 5 – Curse vs. Good Game University

Most people thought Curse would cruise to an easy win over GGU.  And that looked to be true, with Curse up 10-2 in kills 32 minutes in with a 6k gold lead.  But GGU hung in there and slowly crawled their way back team fight after team fight, and with a fantastic Baron steal from GGU’s jungler, the momentum had officially swung back towards GGU’s favor.  GGU utilized that all important Baron buff and managed to mount an improbable comeback victory over Curse.

Match 6 – Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team Dignitas

Day 2 – Thursday

Match 7 – Vulcun vs. Team MRN

This match was an extremely important for both teams going in, as they were both fighting to try to eke into the top 6 in the standings.  Vulcun’s mid laner mandatory cloud picked up an early triple kill on Ryze, and used the early lead to snowball into a perfect 8-0 score at the end of the game.

Match 8 – compLexity vs TSM Snapdragon

Match 9 – Team MRN vs. Curse

Match 10 – Vulcun vs. Good Game University

Match 11 – Team Dignitas vs. Curse

Dignitas and Curse have been two teams that have been consistently at the top of the standings all throughout the LCS.  The bottom lane duo of Draven and Zyra proved to be too much for Curse too handle, as Draven ended up with a score of 14-1-10 and Zyra went 1-0-23.  Simply put, the excellent play from both of these players carried Dignitas to a crucial victory.

Match 12 – Counter Logic Gaming vs. Vulcun

Day 3 – Friday

Match 13 – Team MRN vs. Counter Logic Gaming

This match ended up being one of the most exciting of the entire weekend.  MRN fell into a significant deficit, and at one point had 2 inhibitors down.  However, MRN managed to sneak in a Baron and successfully defended their base until their inhibitors respawned.  Once they were able to farm all of the minions streaming into their base, MRN used the late game terror of Tristana to pull off a stunning 42 minute upset over CLG.

Match 14 – Curse vs. compLexity

compLexity had not won a game against Curse all season.  But with the season winding down, compLexity used the experience they gained over this 10 week period to pull off a win over Curse.  compLexity locked in two comfort champions for their top laner and jungle in Darius and Amumu respectively, and defeated Curse in a 48 minute match.

Match 15 – TSM Snapdragon vs. Good Game University

Match 16 – Team Dignitas vs. Vulcun

Throughout most of the game, Vulcun had a steady lead over Dignitas.  Cassiopeia was actually used by Vulcun, a champion you rarely see these days.  But the real reason this game was so memorable was due to the heart pounding base race that determined the winner.  Although Dignitas was down two base turrets, they decided that a base race was the best choice to go, as they were already down a good chunk of gold.  But with Vulcun’s Tristana and her attack speed steroid, Vulcun took down Dignitas’ Nexus with their own Nexus just under half health.

Match 17 – Good Game University vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Match 18 – Team Dignitas vs. TSM Snapdragon

This was an extremely important match for TSM, as a win here would secure a spot as the first place team in the standings.  Solid play from Miss Fortune and Twisted Fate sealed the win in a 32 minute game.  With this win over Dignitas, TSM went 5-0 during week 10 and 7-0 in their past 7 games.  Outstanding play during the last stretch of the season vaulted TSM into the top spot.

Match 19 – compLexity vs. Team MRN

Match 20 – Vulcun vs. Curse

For those that wanted to watch some of the more off-beat champions being played, Vulcun vs. Curse provided that in spades.  Curse would’ve been the second seed win or lose, so they pulled out a top lane Nunu and jungle Fizz just for fun.  Vulcun however, was still fighting for positioning, as a win would supplant them in 5th place.  Vulcun eventually pulled it off in a 35 minute game.


The headline of week 10 was the superb play from TSM.  While early season struggles had most folks believing that TSM’s season 2 dominance would not carry over to season 3, a roster change from Chaox to Wild Turtle proved to be the winning formula.  After going a perfect 5-0 in week 10, TSM supplanted themselves as the team to beat in North America.  The final standings after week 10 are:

1st – TSM Snapdragon (21-7)

2nd – Curse (19-9)

3rd – Team Dignitas (17-11)

4th – Counter Logic Gaming (12-16)

5th – Vulcun (12-16)

6th – Good Game University (12-16)

7th – Team MRN (10-18)

8th – compLexity (9-19)

The Spring playoffs begin next week, and those series of matches will not only determine which team is the best thus far in the season, but will also determine which teams move onto the Summer season.  Only the top 2 teams, TSM and Curse, are guaranteed to be a part of the summer season, as the rest of the teams could potentially lose their job to a team from the amateur standings of the online ladder.

The bracket for the Spring playoffs can be seen here.