Dragon’s Prophet Offers Guilds First-Access, Exclusive Deal

It can be pretty tough to get excited about any kind of MMO nowadays. Large and small, free and subscription-based, there’s hordes of games to choose from and it’s to anyone’s guess as to what’s really worth your valuable time. The good folks over at Runewaker and Infernum Productions though, think their bold foray into the high-fantasy realm of Dragon’s Prophet will be worth it. For the first time ever, a brand new MMO is offering existing guilds the chance to jump directly into the game with exclusive closed beta access. As if that wasn’t enough, just for signing up, guilds will gain nice benefits, such as a 30-day trial of guild hosting site, Enjin.

In the realm of Auratia, dragons decorate the skies and guilds fill the bulk of the world. While you can see plenty of videos and other bits of information from the main site, there’s still tons of information being rolled out about Dragon’s Prophet. The game will, in fact, be a free-to-play, action-based endeavor and is all the better for it. As mentioned above, with tons of MMOs making their mark, having the ability to try a game out fully before committing yourself to its cause is an invaluable investment to gamers of all types.

More importantly, Dragon’s Prophet wants a strong social bond within its player-base, which is why they’ve struck out with such a valiant offer to any guilds who’d listen. To anyone who’s dabbled in the older world of the MMO, you’d know that the environment of their contemporary versions is entirely different. Bonds, friendships and benevolence were commonplace back when EverQuest and Asheron’s Call held the genre’s top spots. Nowadays, things aren’t quite as nice and cuddly. Infernum and Runewaker wish to revitalize this lost art of sorts, by jump starting guild activity within their own game.

It’s an ambitious idea and one that typically backfires on games of lesser quality. Dragon’s Prophet, though, looks to already be of greater material than a haphazard title looking to make a quick buck on early biters. They want to hear from the guilds, from players about what they want and by giving out an unprecedented 30-day trial of Enjin, it’s clear Dragon’s Prophet is aiming for nothing short of the unprotected throat of stagnant MMOs.

It’s still early, but if you have a solid group of people looking to jump into a new, fresh take on the realms of fantasy, you could do much worse than taking Dragon’s Prophet for a spin. More on this title as we sink or claws deeper into it!