What Needs To Happen In FIFA 14

The next game in the multi-million selling FIFA franchise has been revealed earlier this week, and with it came screenshots and information on the game. The improvements that have been shown are more small things that will add up to more streamlined gameplay than previous games, but what would someone who plays the games on a regular basis ask EA Sports to do? Certainly not “improve the ball physics.”

The Impact Engine – The way EA talks about the Impact Engine, touting it as revolutionary and a great addition to the game, makes it seem almost perfect.  In reality it is far from perfect. Small collisions can render the player useless for ridiculous amounts of time, frustrating you to the point of throwing the controller at the wall (I have done this, twice!). The glitches are far too many for a game of this popularity, prompting hilarious YouTube compilations. For example, tackling a person accidentally while they get ready for a throw in ended up with the player picking up the ball and trying to run away with it. Nice. The engine is not without its merits though, as we see with injuries and the large majority of encounters between players end up realistic, but the glitches and gaps in some instances are noticeable. Seriously EA, fixing this is crucial.


Exhibit A

Gameplay Predictability – FIFA 13 introduced the first touch system which made games unpredictable in how players would receive the ball. In FIFA 14, there is a variable dribble touch which is the same idea…while dribbling. This seems insignificant to me in comparison to the tonne of other things that can be fixed. For one, the game relies on pace and pace only. You want to play build-up play with flowing passing, Barcelona style? Tough, get any fast player with average dribbling and BAM! Its a goal. What needs to happen is for there to be a balance; if you want to play flowing football, that should be possible and the emphasis on pace should be nerfed.

Pace abuuuuse.

Pace Abuse

Goalkeepers In General – Another great idea is to fix the atrocious goal keepers in the game. For years the keepers have either been overpowered, or just down right awful. Oh, you thought your goal keeper would save that simple shot that is rolling at the pace of a snail? “THINK AGAIN” says FIFA. Hopefully, the introduction of the new Pure Shot and Real Ball physics will stop the same goals being scored over and over again, making you wonder why the keeper hasn’t learnt how to keep it out from the last time. Or how about the near post fails in FIFA 13? Apparently goal keepers cannot save anything if it is on the near post. Another gripe with the keepers is that they are invincible. I could boot one of them in the head while they are on the ground and the player that kicked would be injured instead of the insane lack of red cards for goalies. Sort it out.


Exhibit B

Broken Online – Overpowered players, connection issues and glitches are to blame here, and not once have EA tried to fix them. Ultimate team allows you to create the dream team that you have always wanted. But no matter the quality of the players, you can score from anywhere from just about anything. The EA servers are genuinely terrible, and I must have spent more time watching a message telling me I have been disconnected than actually playing the game! This is another piece of the game that is constantly ridiculed on FIFA Facebook pages and Twitter. Lastly, the glitches that cause the console to freeze, slow down to the point that the game is unplayable, or just give up completely and shut off are becoming a major annoyance in the latest games in the franchise, and if they are not ratified, it could be the beginning of the end for EA Sports’ customer patience.

Is there anything you would like to be fixed in future FIFA games? Does FIFA 14 already satisfy your needs? Let us know in the comments.