Drugs Are Bad, Mmmkay?

Today is national drug day… er I mean today is the 20th of April, which in common American subculture is a day for young college frat boys to smoke bad stuff and pretty much become everything that Mr Mackey of South Park  would have despised.

I can’t speak on how common it is to actually take drugs on 4/20, because I don’t live in America and the country I do live in does not take part in it (at least to the extent of my immediate knowledge) at all.

Oh great one -you ask me – what should I do instead of taking the drugs, what else could I possibly do? Well, it’s funny you ask, and in keeping this marginally video game related, I’ve gathered a few things you could do today *other* than getting absurdly high.

1.Play Final Fantasy VII

Hey, do you own a PC? Do you enjoy playing as blond, angst-filled, awesomely pixel-enriched dudes who carry ridiculously large swords? Then you should play Final Fantasy VII (that’s seven, for those roman numerically impaired) today!


I myself actually just picked this up the other day and dove into it head first. Never played a FF game before and I must say, it is quite a blast so far. This classic PSX game released last year for the PC and comes with a whole host of updated features and even a complete overhaul/update to the music.

Many people claim this is their favorite Final Fantasy of all time, some for nostalgic reasons, others the story, others the characters. Regardless, if you managed to miss this gem like I did you can pick it up here to keep distracted from those darn drugs.

4/20. Don’t make bad puns in lists like these

Simply don’t do it, as it is in no way funny at all. But by all means – speaking of lists – write up a list of things you want to do with your life, games you’ve always wanted to play but just never got  the chance to!

Did you miss an RPG that you always wanted to play but quivered at the mere thought of because it was so long? What is stopping you from booting it up and trying it now? Or you could waste a little time at a friends house, or heck, invite a bunch of friends over and have a gaming night: something you might have once done as a student but now just don’t do anymore. Don’t forget the red bull and all the salty goodness of chips. Also, if a friend knocks at the door with a big bag of green in his hand, show him the road.

Game with some good actors... I mean friends.

Game with some good actors… I mean friends.

What about your girlfriend or mum? Take (either one) out somewhere nice and show how much you care. The games will always be there, but more important and long lasting relationships can be fickle if you do not look after them.

3. Do what you want

At the end of the day, this your 4/20 so spend it as you will. If that means gaming, reading, getting together with friends or anything else you have planned.

Just remember to keep it clean, stay safe and most importantly have some good fun.