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The Evil Within Trailer Reeks Of Torture Porn

Shinji Mikami is famous for several series which have rendered him a household name among videogame fans: Resident Evil, Vanquish, and the divisive God Hand. With his new game The Evil Within (which just received its first trailer), The Elder Scrolls publisher Bethesda are giving Mikami another opportunity to create a legendary new series.

For one thing, the trailer is pretty gross.

For another: the trailer is also comprised entirely of film. Yep, there’s no gameplay or even CGI to be found here.

In lieu of the editing style seen in the introduction to American Horror Story, we’re treated to unsettling flashing images and montage cuts of three distinct characters in one creepy setting. A seemingly normal man wrapping barbed wire into loops, a bulky villain in pseudo-blowtorch-armour, and a horrific, skinless, bloody four-armed female figure.

Also a theme of AmHoSto, ripped from Gothic tales like Amityville Horror, is the ‘haunted house’ vibe of the trailer, which I totally dig. It’s something Mikami hasn’t explored since Resident Evil first made its appearance in 1996, seventeen years ago.

Aesthetically, the trailer is pretty well put together- it’s going for more Silent Hill in its nightmarish psychological tone, although it’s obsession with blood comes off as generic. At times it borders on the realms of “torture-porn” horror.

Worryingly, Mikami stated in a short press release that he hopes the game will provide a ‘perfect blend of horror and action’. Obviously, despite the appearance of the game going for psychological horror and depth, action is obviously going to take up at least half of what this title is about when it comes to gameplay. This puts it in the same direction as Mikami’s later series’, the action-heavy Resident Evil 5 and 6, and the full-blown third person shooter Vanquish.

As excited as I am about this, I don’t see how anything with this much action can still be scary. Either way- we’ll find out more on Monday the 22nd, when Mikami and his team at Tango Gameworks will reveal some actual meaty facts about his flesh-obsessed game.

Check out the trailer for The Evil Within below: