Indie Arcade #7: I’m Dreaming Of Zombies

Indie Arcade is looking at quite a few retro-styled games this week. They’re all amazing, and so are you.

Hotline Miami

It’s Miami circa 1989 and you’re just a regular dude. Just kidding. You’re a crazy dude on a murderous rampage at the behest of the voices on your answering machine. It’s a pixelated mess of blood and dead bodies as you kill everyone and everything that stands in your way. Oh, and the music is fantastic. Even if the game sucked (which it doesn’t), I’d still recommend picking up the soundtrack. But it doesn’t suck. This game kicks ass and is more than worth the $9.99 Steam price tag.


Amnesia: The Dark Descent

This is, hands down, one of the scariest games I have ever played. In this first-person puzzle-solver, you’re this guy named Daniel who doesn’t remember anything, and you wake up in a castle. It’s up to you to find a guy and kill him, but you really don’t know who he is or why you have to kill him, other than a note you apparently wrote to yourself detailing why this guy has to die. Confused and not scared? In this game, the darkness literally makes you go insane. You see things that aren’t actually there. You also have absolutely no way to defend yourself against dungeon mind monsters, so your only choice in the face of imminent death is to turn, run, and hide. It’s a really great thriller, and it’s only $19.99 on Steam. Be sure to check it out before the sequel is released later this year.



This game is just beautiful, to put it simply. The visual style is very similar to that of A Link To The Past, with a top-down point of view, 16-bit pixelation, and contains an absolutely stunning soundtrack as you explore the subconscious of a young boy. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the game, however, is that it was marketed heavily on The Pirate Bay, the infamous torrent website known for pirating and distributing copyrighted materials. The creators of Anodyne uploaded the full game themselves along with a message stating their understanding that certain people may not be able to afford the game, but encouraging those who can afford it to try it and buy it if they enjoy it. If you’re poor like me, you still have the option to torrent it, though I highly recommend purchasing it for $9 from the Anodyne website (includes a Steam key). We need more game developers like these guys.


Organ Trail

Remember the old Oregon Trail games from back in the day where everyone would get dysentery and die if you weren’t a doctor? Good times. Thankfully, the strapping gents over at The Men Who Wear Many Hats (whom I met at PAX 2012 and are awesome people) have created an updated and hilarious version of this classic PC game in which you and your friends travel through the United States in the midst of a Zombie outbreak. Remember hunting in the Oregon Trail? Replace the squirrels and deer with zombies that shamble toward your car. It’s a great game that looks like it still belongs on the old Apple 2. The best part about it, however, is that it’s only $4.99 on Steam, and it’s available for iOS and Android as well.