Skyrim Legendary Edition Unveiled by Polish Retailer

Update: Bethesda has confirmed a June 4th release date in the US and a June 7th for Australia and Europe.

skyrim legendary edition boxart

Original Story:

Polish retailer Ultima  has unveiled a Skyrim Legendary Edition for sale. According to the listing, the collection, akin to a Game of the Year edition, will include the core game with all its DLC. Included in the package are the two major expansions Dragonborn and Dawnguard, each of which greatly expanded Skyrim’s character progression, along with adding more difficult enemies and self contained campaigns in new locations. The other DLC, Hearthfire, is much less action oriented, but allows for a player to build and maintain a property in any of three locations across Skyrim, expanding the available housing in the game as well as adding the ability to adopt children.

According to the listing the product is slated for a June 7th release date. If the product is confirmed, it is unclear whether or not this would see a worldwide release. In addition to a price, the listing also included a price of 169.90 zł (roughly $59.99) for Xbox 360 and PS3, and 139.90 zł (about $49.99) for PC.

skyrim legendary edtition

The game has had an especially rocky path with DLC on the Sony platform, with complications that saw the DLC taking a long time to arrive on the PlayStation 3. Having been released in November 2011, the game has seen a particularly devoted following in part because of its expansive world and procedurally generated quests. Bethesda has not yet confirmed or denied the accuracy of the listing and the post will be updated accordingly.

Via: [Eurogamer] Source: [Ultima] Image Courtesy: [Ultima]