Resort Impressions From The Sims 3 Island Paradise Live Broadcast

The recent April 16 Sims 3 Live Broadcast finally brought us gameplay footage of one of the new features to be added in The Sims 3 Island Paradise: resorts.  Building and maintaining a resort is my most anticipated feature in the newest expansion.

My impression of the flexibility of resort management is a fairly good one.  I’ll be touching on a few main points to really dig into the new feature.

Rabbit Hole Resort


The resort rabbit hole will provide a place for visitors to deal with motives, but the themes for the different options may not fit the theme for everyone’s resorts.

Ever since the Sims 3 released, I was disappointed with the so called rabbit hole locations, where Sims enter to do their business and exit once they’re finished.  It’s entirely understandable, but why can’t your resort be judged based on the fact that you don’t have the necessary ammenities, rather than providing a baseline right off the bat?  I think that the system should allow you to handbuild all the rooms with all the necessary items (or use the blueprint tool) that will be used in the resort.  The upgrade visuals are impressive, and the fact that the upgraded location takes on spa assets after a couple upgrades is a nice addition, but the building should just be a rabbit hole for motives, and not a place where the guests actually stay and sleep.

Pool Blueprints


The pool blueprints will allow you to design a pool using prebuilt segments.

The pools have always been an afterthought for me, since they’re always available on community lots in each neighborhood.  The addition of the blueprint pools will let me plop a nice pool down on not only my resort properties, but also any private property that I want.  Not to mention, the pools provide a beautiful design, rather than the generic rectangular pools that many find themselves building in their Sims’ backyards.

Resort Front Desk and Staff


The front desk is where all the business of the resort is dealt with.

An exciting aspect of the new expansion, I am genuinely excited to manage the resort’s resources, including, but not limited to the staff.  This gives me confidence that they can move into development of a shop or storefront mechanic similar to the resort hotel that will allow Sims to own and run their own stores, like in The Sims 2: Open for Business.  The fact you can set staff uniforms as well as customize several factors of the resorts makes the prospect even more realistic.



The pool bar is one of the bars being added to the game in the latest expansion.

It was expressly stated that the new bars added would retroactively include any Late Night bar assets assuming the expansion is installed.  This was one of the things I was disappointed to not see in Showtime that I’ll be pleased to use in the newest installment.

Resort Rating System


The rating system lets you check your resort’s overall rating, as well as individual reviews.

The rating system allows you to keep track of what visitors like and dislike about your resort.  It uses a similar format to travel or review sites, where each visitor that decides to can leave a star rating review, as well as complain about things they thought were lacking (noted in the live broadcast, visitors really wanted a hot tub).  This feature will allow you to grow and develop with a purpose, rather that simply adding things that you want to see.

Cash Flow


The revenue and expenses can be tracked in this window, allowing you to stay in the black.

The income and expenses for the resort are calculated to allow you to keep on top of your profits, and are provided in a summary window.  This will let you determine whether your improvements are paying off, or just draining your cash.

Overall, the expansion pack seems to be progressing nicely, and will bring several long awaited, as well as newly created features to the current version of the Sims franchise.

What kind of resort do you want to build?

All screenshots via SimCookie