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Open Beta Date Revealed for Red 5 Studio’s Latest Game Firefall

Red 5 Studios have announced that their newest free-to-play open world shooter Firefall is set to enter its open beta on July 9th 2013. This will allow hundreds of players to experience Firefall’s fast paced combat action.

In addition to this the final stage of closed beta testing has been laid out, and an open beta FAQ has been created to inform eager players about the beta process. You can sign up to be a part of the open beta through the official Firefall website.

James Macauley, Vice President of Development at Red 5 Studios, expressed how excited the team are for Firefall to be nearing an important beta milestone:

We’re incredibly excited to be nearing what we consider to be the most important stage of Firefall’s development – Open Beta. For us, Open Beta isn’t a traditional ‘marketing beta’, but rather an opportunity to include many more players in our community-driven development process. We’re looking forward to welcoming these new players into the community and continuing to build an amazing game together.”

Firefall is a free-to-play massively multiplayer shooter set 200 years in the future. This team-based shooter thrusts hundreds of players onto the dynamic and hostile surface of a ravaged Earth. The promise of a new clean energy source, Crystite, would have been a good thing if not for the disastrous arrival of the Melding, a hostile energy storm that has engulfed most of the planet. What little humans are left must now band together against a new enemy, The Chosen, who threatens humanity’s survival. This giant world is populated with thousands of real-life players, offering explosive combat against beasts, The Chosen and even your fellow man. Using high-tech battleframes, which are fully customisable to unlock the power of Firefall’s class-based combat, you can easily change your play style and adapt it to suit the situation or the way your team plays. Whether you want to support the team, sneak behind enemy lines or aggressively assault a position, one of the 5 battleframes will be perfect for you.

It has quickly become one of the most anticipated PC games of 2013, boasting 2 AAA components aimed at enticing shooter fans: a polished PvP and PvE system alongside the core components of the game with team and single player options, and a robust and dynamic open-world experience designed to immerse players. The Firefall experience is what you decide to make of it.

Red 5 Studios is currently rolling Firefall out with an iterative beta process, with major update milestones planned for May and June. The final stage of the closed beta will flesh out the world and work on the existing systems. A few pieces of content due to come out include:

–          Crafting and Progression: There will be major additions to crafting and Battleframe progression (including the new UI)

–          City Power Levels: Players will receive new bonuses and rewards in the open world by increasing the power level of citites.

If you can’t wait until the beta rolls out, you can still purchase the Founders Pack for immediate beta access and exclusive rewards, including extra in-game currency, a wearable Tiki Mask and decals and permanent XP and Squad bonuses. These are currently limited supply though, so it’s best to buy these fast.