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New iOS App for Injustice: Gods Among Us is Not Compatible With The Wii U

Injustice: Gods Among Us was just released two days ago, and already players have been buzzing about it and are eagerly awaiting downloadable content.  Content like costumes and, of course, what people are really waiting for: more characters from the DC Universe. With the announcement of an iOS app that was also recently released, Injustice players are now getting their wish.  The app gives you the ability to unlock content like the hero cards for the console versions by using the mobile game.

The iOS Injustice: Gods Among Us app is available as a free download, and is a mix between a fighter and a collectible card game in vein of Triple Triad from Final Fantasy 8 (although it’s not nearly as confusing).  The cards help players unlock extra content like costumes on the console versions.

However, Siliconera, the developers of the iOS companion app, have confirmed that they could not sync the iOS version to the Wii U Injustice: Gods Among Us port, and therefore the functionality is not present.  So if you own the Wii U, it really doesn’t appear to be worth your while to check out the official app.

Thankfully NetherRealm’s fighter is shaping to be a fun and great game and doesn’t really need the app.  While it would be cool to have the little extras that the iOS app adds, the loss doesn’t hurt the Wii U port. The Wii U version of Injustice: Gods Among Us has plenty of bonuses of its own, like displaying the move list on the WiiPad while you play and off-TV play, feature that was a pretty big deal when the Wii U launched (and that not enough games on the system include).  So yes, it is a bummer that the Wii U won’t be getting the iOS app, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a complete deal breaker.

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