League of Leviathyn: Post-game Analysis – Episode 1

The League of Leviathyn is live and well. With our first episode out of the way, we now present the in-depth analysis of our full-length game. If watching a rather lengthy, uncut video of our previous session doesn’t do anything for you, this shortened segment is surely for you.

From now on, after every full, uncut play-session, our post-game analysis will follow a day or so later. Our objective is to showcase the best parts of our game as well as the poor sections. Not only will this present an opportunity for us to grow with each game we play, it also gives our loyal fans a peek into how our writers act outside of and during work!

Remember, we’re not telling you how to play a champion, we’re not creating guides and we’re not proclaiming ourselves as experts. The League of Leviathyn is about presenting a different video experience with a touch more personality. Please let us know what you think!