The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2 Announced for 3DS

Zelda fans rejoice! At a Nintendo direct conference this morning, it was announced that a sequel to the 1992 classic The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past will be releasing on the 3DS this holiday season.

Appropriately titled A Link to the Past 2, the game is set in the world of the original and will feature an all-new storyline, dungeons, and mechanics to bring it into our modern age.

It’s been noted that the design of the game is meant to “re-invigorate” the world of A Link to the Past by adding depth and layers to the level structure. Players will not only be able to navigate a flat space, but also move vertically through levels as well, giving puzzles a new mechanic in height differences and layers.

Also, Link will essentially be able to become a drawing and move through walls, which will allow players a new vantage point to map out dungeons and have more ways to come up with puzzle solutions. A preview video of A Link to the Past 2 is currently available on the 3DS eShop.

Check out the full announcement in the video below for more details and in-game footage:

Adding even more to the Zelda celebration, Nintendo has also announced that both The Oracle of Ages and The Oracle of Seasons will be available on the Virtual Console on May 30th. Both games were initially released for the Game Boy Color and have their own unique mechanics that allow Link to interact with the world using both time and season changes. The two games will be linked together, and when  one is beaten, players will be able to unlock new events and “surprises” (including new boss fights).

See the full announcement for The Oracle of Ages and The Oracle of Seasons below:

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