League of Leviathyn

League of Leviathyn: Episode 1 – Terror in the Top Lane

It’s no secret that League of Legends is a pretty big game; massive, actually. Here at Leviathyn, we also enjoy our glorious five on five skirmishes, which is why we’ve decided to bring to you a different kind of video experience.

While you can watch the pros play on Twitch, view Riot’s own Champion Spotlights or peruse extensive guides on Mobafire, we’re going to provide something entirely different. For the first time, we’ll be filming our own raw experience in the field and uploading it for all to see. That means you’ll get to hear our useless banter, made up words and alien noises in the background. Then a day or two later, we’ll sit down and begin dissecting our play through detailed commentary.

Why should you care? Besides witnessing video game journalists smashing dudes and/or being smashed upon, it’s a chance for us to get more personal with you. So pick apart our play, weigh in on bad decisions or great moves and, above all, let us know if you think this new feature is worth it!