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Is Fallout 4 Incoming?

Bethesda has just released a very mysterious little teaser via their official Twitter page:

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Could this be the long anticipated (true) follow up to the highly acclaimed Fallout 3? We know that Bethesda Softworks will not be making any more DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which leaves what they are doing next very much up in the air.

The teaser itself is very short – only a few seconds long – of curled barb wire illuminated with blue light and then to a spinning record. The only sound is of what seems to be an old school projector. Quite reminiscent of when you sit down to take the GOAT test while growing up in Vault 101.

We want you back, Vault Boy

We want you back, Vault Boy

If an obsessive person goes back and freeze frames the short teaser, they can find some interesting information about it. Although most of the words are blurred out on the record by harsh lighting, I could just make out the words ‘The Moonbeam Trio’ below the center of the record itself. Now, if any of you -and this is a bit of a stretch – know your Fallout lore, you will know that there is a location in Fallout 3 called the ‘Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema’.

Coincidence? Maybe, but it just might not be. Keeping with the jiving 50/60’s music that has been so loved by fallout fans, The Moonbeam Trio might have some important relevance within the next game itself. Perhaps performing at the cinema or touring the rest of the wasteland with their music.

Another strange piece of information following this is the words that I have put together to mean ‘Johann Sebastian’ and below that ‘Orchestral Suite’. This referring to the famous 18th century composer more commonly known as Bach. The last readable words are an upside down ‘Air On The’ and then ‘G-String’ which when put together spells one of Bach’s more famous compositions. Link to the tune below.

In a following reply to a fan asking if this was really ‘Fallout 4’, Bethesda responded by saying ‘Guess Again.’ This response could just be a bluff, however, given the small tidbits of information that make it seem like a Fallout game. Only time will tell if this truly is Fallout 4.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Bethesda news and Fallout 4 rumor updates.

Source courtesy of IGN