Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 75: Onwards to Ging (and the New Arc)!

In Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 75: “Ging’s Friends and True Friends,” Gon completes all restricted card slots and wins the game, allowing him to meet his father’s friends and Greed Island co-creators, as well as obtain the special binder that allows players to bring three cards into the real world, which he uses along with Killua to attempt to reach his father Ging.

The threat passes as the groups who used Accompany to reach Gon, Killua, Bisuke, and Goreinu only want to strike a deal if ever they top the hundred-question quiz. Despite critical thinking not being Gon’s strongpoint, he does have what it takes to ace a quiz when he’s really enthusiastic about it. He tops the Greed Island special quiz and obtains an invitation from the “Ruler” of the island. After a quick and insignificant scuffle from a pair of unruly players who Gon and Killua quickly dispatch, the trio heads for the Ruler’s castle. Meanwhile, the Nen removal specialist successfully dispels Genthru’s bomb on him by touching him and saying “I caught the bomber,” and he heads out to the real world to meet Hisoka, on his way to “make a fortune” removing a nen curse from one of the most powerful and dangerous nen specialists in the world (I don’t think he knows the significance of what he’s going to do).

At the Ruler’s castle, Gon meets List and Dwun (originally Wdwune, but thanks to Ging’s antics he was forced to legally change his name), friends of his dad and co-creators of the game. Gon receives the special binder that allows him to take three restricted cards into the real world as his reward for beating the game (aside from the card Ruler’s Blessing, which, presumably if he uses gain on it he gains an entire city that will follow his every order). After hearing some more stories from List and Dwun – like how Greed Island was named – Gon, Killua, and Bisuke party through the evening as the group that beat the game, and before the night was done, they decided upon which three cards to bring into the real world. Bisuke chose the special stone Blue Planet, while Gon and Killua devised a plan to bring the non-restricted card Accompany into the real world so they can use it to reach Ging, who Gon guessed had brought him into the game when he was a child. As the episode ends, Gon and Killua say goodbye to Bisuke and are transported via Accompany to where a lone stranger was fishing, waiting to see if it was indeed Gon’s father Ging.

A lot of another currently running anime series can take a few pacing points from Hunter X Hunter 2011, but no one can blame them for trying to distance themselves from their manga counterparts’ pace. That said, it’s obvious that a lot of things happened during the last episode of the Greed Island arc. Was it satisfying? Not as great as the double climax, but it was one of those “feel good” endings that transitioned well into the next arc. Speaking of the next arc, the 1999 series and OVA episodes ended right here, so the next arc will be brand-spanking-new. Fans of Hunter X Hunter have been waiting for the animation of the Chimera Ant arc for nearly a decade now (man, we feel old), and soon, Madhouse will be granting their wish. We can only hope that Madhouse pulls off the arc as seamlessly as they did the rest of the retold series, but perhaps less hurried. The next arc has nuances that are best enjoyed at a lax pace, IF Madhouse can deliver on the storytelling without relying on voiceover narrators, which is probably one of the biggest challenges of translating the manga story into an animated setting.

We probably won’t have any problems with the animation of the events, and the design seems to have stayed true to the manga – and these designs are important because of the multifaceted Chimera Ants having both animalistic and anthropomorphic characteristics. What we want to see though is how the characters develop in terms of fighting capability and self-discovery; both protagonists and antagonists. [by ]