FIFA 14 Revealed: New Gameplay and Screenshots

Just as predictably as the sun will come up, the FIFA franchise will have a new version this year, EA have announced. The football series has been popular for some time with tonnes of official licenses and partnerships making the game stand out from the competition. As always, the new game, FIFA 14, will feature improvements in gameplay over last year’s installment which will make the game more realistic for the player.


EA Sports pulled away the veil on its precious sports franchise this morning and quickly detailed the features that set it apart from previous iterations. Pure Shot is one of these features. The new system in the game forces players to adjust their bodies or give pressure to influence the ball more, creating more realistic and unpredictable shots than the same goals scored over and over in FIFA 13. So, if your striker is under pressure from a centre back, they will not be able to shoot as well as in space. To complement the new shooting, EA Sports has created Real Ball Physics. This means that the ball will move according to the system above, increasing the range of shot types, as the official statement says it “determines the trajectories of balls, enabling players to kick the ball with force from distance, drill low rising shots with accuracy, and blast dipping or turbulent shots…”

Other features include the ability to protect the ball from other players, more intelligent runs from teammates, and a wider angle that you can sprint at, which allows you to change direction both fluidly and at a moment’s notice. In addition, players will have variable touches on the ball when sprinting as opposed to the sticky feet that many players have had in the previous games (Messi was sometimes untouchable due to this).

FIFA14_DE_protect_the_ball_2 (1)

On the Career Mode side of the game, the user interface has been streamlined to allow easy navigation of menus and options at your disposal. Integral to this mode will be the greatly expanded scouting system. Called the Global Scouting Network, the game constantly searches through players for your team all year round. Worryingly, the picture released for this had Ciaran Clark as one of the scouted players for Tottenham which, if you follow football, you will know is an odd choice.



Here are the remainder of the screens:













FIFA 14 will be released later this year for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms. No word on next generation platforms just yet.