Pebble Smart Watch: Is This The Beginning of Something Big?

There has been a rising interest in wearable devices in the past couple of years. Since mobile phones have become more powerful than anyone could have imagined a decade ago, there has been a growing demand for more ease of use over specifications. Look at Apple’s devices–full of great stuff but ultimately sets itself apart from the competition with incredible simplicity and ease of use. But some want us to go further, easier… and more expensive! The first device with undeniable buzz was the Google Glass and, whether you love it or hate it, it is coming to the general public in the not too distant future. Quickly after, in April 2012, a Kickstarter project was started under the name of Pebble: E-Paper Watch.

The premise was a fairly simple one. A watch with a small e-paper screen built in that brings important details from your phone, directly to your wrist, negating the need to constantly bring the device out of your pocket. As I said before, ease of use. The project started out looking for $100,000, which isn’t exactly a paltry sum, but ended up attracting just under 69,000 backers with the pledges amounting to over $10,266,000, blowing the original target out of the water completely. The response to the project was so phenomenal that the creators, Pebble, decided to include extra features. The watch features Bluetooth 4.0 to use in connection to iPhones or Android phones in addition to subtle features such as being waterproof and having a subtle vibrating function. Other smart watches have had similar features to this before, but the real difference is the sheer amount of customization available to its users. Various different watch faces (y’know for using it for the original purpose and all), numerous possibilities for applications and your choice of notifications that you will receive information on (such as SMS, E-mail, caller ID etc.) are all options available on this watch.


This wave of interest has brought more attention to the wearable technology market. The specific section of smart watches has become a hot topic of late. Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and others are rumored to be intent on making this area the next battleground for technology, but the simplicity and creativity of the Pebble Watch, along with being the first success story in the area, will give them an undeniable advantage over the competition. If the watches are received well by the general public, the opportunities for the company will open to update the platform to stay ahead of the game.


Also, while the mobile market slows in terms of innovation in technology, the smart watch business gives companies a chance to move forward in other ways. Ways in which interactions with phones becomes the focus of technological innovation as opposed to just the phones themselves. We may be looking at a new generation of mobile technology on our hands, people!

What do you think of the Pebble Watch? Is wearable technology on your radar?