The Good and Bad Of Marvel Avengers Alliance

Facebook games.

That usually means hiding that one friend on your news feed who invites everyone, farms some crops, asks for help with some boss on level 46, and spreads his or her’s joy of reaching that one new reward. I mean, how annoying can something be? At least Facebook gives us the option to hide all updates and notifications from games now but beforehand, sheesh.

I never thought I’ve get into a Facebook game. They aren’t marketed towards me or my gaming habits at all. So why am I so attached to Marvel Avengers Alliance? Why am I playing this game? Why am I posting an update that my Shield Agent reached level 14?

So many questions but when I step back and look at it, it’s all based on my comic book fandom. I love comic books. I love heroes. The excitement of picking up a brand new number one issue of a new series or event is palpable. I’ve been reading almost my entire lifetime and throughout the years the stories just get more and more excitement and crazy. I have my favorites. I have my pull lists. I have a Comixology account that I don’t even want to think about how much money I’ve thrown into.




The point is: I finally found a Facebook game that I like. I found one that I can get into and care about and put some effort into. I never thought I’d find one. I used to make fun of people like this. “Pssh — Facebook games. Pah-lease!”

If you haven’t checked out Avengers Alliance yet, the gist of it is that you’re a brand new Shield Agent and you’re thrown into a bad situation in which you get to team up with Iron Man. You do such a good job that Tony endorses you and you’re hand picked to lead the Avengers against the forces of evil. Talk about pressure, huh?

Avengers Alliance puts you through tons of missions with your unlocked heroes where you’ll face all sorts of iconic and low-level baddies from all across the Marvel universe. Sounds cool, huh? It really is but it isn’t without its issue. Of course the game has plenty of money sinks but it also allows you to unlock everything with only your time. You don’t have to spend money but the game has ways of trying to make you. If you have patience, you’ll survive the ordeal without opening your wallet but if you don’t or tend to want things a bit quicker than others, then prepare your plastic money giving card for some hurting.

Avengers Alliance is going strong and getting regular updates all the time. Things can change almost every day and there’s so much to do. So let’s delve deep into this heroic Facebook game and pick out the “5 and 5”. Uh — that means 5 good things and 5 bad things. Just for reference.


5 Good Things About Avengers Alliance


Huge Hero Selection

There are a total of 55 iconic heroes in Avengers Alliance with more planned and being added all the time. You’ll have your normal greats like Captain America and the rest of the well known Avengers but then you’ll find some obscure additions like Fantomex, Tigra, Havok, and even Sif the Asgardian. This wide selection of playable heroes gives you a ton of unlocking options but also a chance to have all, or at least most, of your favorites on your team. That is… unless you’re a giant fan of Cosmic like myself. Something we’ll touch on later.


Class Makeup Brings Versatility In Battle And Strategy

There are six classes in Avengers Alliance and each them do something somewhat difference. They also give you different stats, weaknesses, and strengths. You’ll see heroes with set classes, costumes that change them, and your Shield Agent has the ability to change into any of the six classes via uniforms. This gives you a ton of strategy to plan out. You’ll want to be able to head into battle with a lot of versatility and the more you have the stronger you are in PvP. The more options and ready you are, the better you’ll perform in the missions, Spec Ops, and battling against other Shield Agents.




So Much Going On…

There’s always something to do in Avengers Alliance. Every day you’re able to check out your friends’ maps, do missions, get further in Spec Ops, play some PvP, and unlock a ton of things. You get daily rewards, boss rewards, deploy rewards, PvP daily rewards, and a lot more. There’s so much to gather and unlock that you just can’t be bored in Avengers Alliance. It also helps that Playdom throws a bunch of cool events our way. There are PvP tournaments that give you rewards based on what league and rank you are when it ends. There’s Spec Ops that have special end dates where you have to have everything completed before it disappears. Most of the events come with special, limited heroes you can unlock if you perform well enough. Needless to say, Avengers Alliance knows how to keep you interested and playing.


PvP That Feels Fair And Equal

Even if your PvP opponent has bought his heroes, you shouldn’t feel outclassed. If the Hulk is targeted by Blaster classed heroes such as Iron Man or Phoenix then he’s going to fall quick if you focus on him. Things don’t start getting out of hand until much later in the levels when you have to ensure you have a ton of PvP bonus heroes, items, and gear. Attached items and gear to your PvP bonus board and heroes will go a long way in helping you win matches. Also, the more heroes you have unlocked, the stronger you’ll be. Each heroes gives a number of bonuses to stats so any chance you get to unlock someone, take it. I usually hate PvP in the games that I play but I find Avengers Alliance to provide me with the tools to ensure a fair fight most of the time. I don’t get frustrated by horrible one-sided fights and it’s easy to feel rewarded.


Everyone Gets A Turn

There are 55 heroes in the game and obviously if you have a bunch of them unlocked and you can only run with 2 in your battle group, some are going to lost in the shuffle. Luckily, you won’t have to worry too much about your hero list containing  2 or 5 really beefed up guys or gals and the rest are scrub level 1’s. Avengers Alliance provides you with shuttle bays that can be used to send heroes off on Shield missions. Each mission takes a certain time to complete and they all reward you with XP. You can send heroes out as much as you want and that should help in keeping your bench warmers up to speed.





5 Bad Things About Avengers Alliance


Shield Points

This has to be the worst aspect of the game. Shield Points are very important. They are what you spend when you wish to train your heroes to the next level, research new things, or buy things from the in-game (not real money) store. The thing is, Shield points are not easy to come by. Sure, you can find some in your friends maps and get gifted a couple here and there but overall, they are not easy to come by and make training and research a pain. It’s very frustrated to watch your list of trainable heroes pile up and your Shield points go up marginally. Every item and type of currency has a chance to drop in many features of the game but it seems like Shield points are the rarest. When you make the needed currency rare for very important things like training then you start to see an insane money sink for something that should not be one.


No Cosmic Representation

One could make an argument with Havok, since he was part of the Starjammers, but honestly there is no Marvel Cosmic representation in Avengers Alliance. There’s no Nova, Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Adam Warlock, Quasar, Darkhawk, Wraith, Ronan, Silver Surfer, Gladiator, Black Bolt, Madusa, Kl’rt, and well, I think you get the point by now. Marvel Cosmic is huge and it has an immense following. With series like Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy making a big return in comics, why haven’t we seen some space heroes? I’m trying my best to put aside my huge fandom for Richard Rider and Peter Quill but it’s not going so well. I want some Guardians heres, guys! You got Ultron in the latest update so why not throw Annihilus a bone and bring out some Cosmic love?




Energy Gains

I understand that many games like this incorporate the “energy” mechanic where you only have so much energy to spend on things in the game before you have to wait or use items/buy items to get more. I get that. However, when it takes (usually) 10 Energy to do a mission battle, why am I gaining so little every 6 minutes? I feel like this is another needless money sink. There are so many other, useful things to put money into in Avengers Alliance if you want to but I just can’t justify spending a dime on Energy. I’d rather wait the hour or so to get a full bar than sink into that trap. The thing is though, that shouldn’t be that way. The object of the game and with how much you can do is to keep the player interested and playing. As soon as I hit 0/100 Energy, I get discouraged and just exit the game. That shouldn’t happen.


Insane Deploy Requirements

Deploying is the act of sending a hero off to do a side mission while you’re in a mission. You might be tracking down Whiplash and you’ll see that you can send Hawkeye out to take care of them. You’ll get a reward for doing so and even a Deploy Reward bonus. Deploy missions are very nice and if you can do them they offer you a big return. Most of them require a specific hero to complete, however, you’ll find some that allows you to send any of them. I once came upon a Deploy mission where I needed She-Hulk. She-Hulk is pretty easy to unlock. She only costs 15 Command points, which is very low. I didn’t do that Deploy mission because I didn’t have She-Hulk but I could see how it wouldn’t take me long to get her and do it. Then I came upon a Deploy mission in a Spec Op. The mission I currently had in the Spec Op was to do 1 Deploy mission. Easy enough, right? Well, the one I came upon required me to have Psylocke. She costs 135 Command points. I’ll be honest here, I did buy some Command points so I could unlock Phoenix and Captain Britian (Phoenix is one of my favorites and Britian is a very underrated character who happens to be pretty strong in Avengers Alliance). However, I don’t think I’d spend money just to unlock Psylocke so I can finish that stupid mission that should be easy. There are some very dumb Deploy requirements that you’ll stumble upon and at the worst of times.




Expired Heroes And Costumes

There is always going some type of limited access to certain things but some of the things that have expired in Avengers Alliance are the coolest stuff in the game. Example? The Phoenix Five from the 2012 crossover event Avengers vs. X-Men are unable to be unlocked anymore. Mostly this just means costumes like Cyclops’ Phoenix costume. However, this also means you cannot unlock Magik at all. The only version of her in the game is her Phoenix Five version and that is expired. I like Magik. She’s interesting and very powerful. I’d like to have her on my team. How about Ghost Rider? His model is insanely cool as he’s on his bike and covered in flames. Expired. They even gave Jean Grey a Phoenix Five costume just for fun and it looks insanely cool. Expired. All of the stuff expired, perhaps with the exception of Mockingbird, are very cool and it’s a shame to see that they cannot be unlocked.


Are you playing Avengers Alliance? Do you have some heroes you’d like to see added or brought back? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments section!



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  1. AlexGrady

    the expired stuff comes back in special deals they have through out the year. the next expired hero tht going to be on sale is magik but shes going to cost 200 cp because she was a spec ops hero.

  2. amused_bouche

    I tend to disagree with your assessment of PvP. If you’re set on winning a big prize, it’s very frustrating. You’ll see a lot of the same heroes, cheaters and it’s just a grind in general.
    Also, Mockingbird is actually one of the best (and most sought after) Spec Ops heroes. Keep a lookout for sales on Spec Ops heroes though.

    • rawliam6

      I agree with u , but wasn’t mockingbird . I bought her but at the time I had no idea she was limited edition . She was xheap too

  3. CheeHongPlaysDota

    I only wish that every heroes including the expired heroes from Spec Ops can still be permanently available because that is the primary objective of the game, most people are fans of superheroes. Making them permanently available also benefits future MAA players because they probably wouldn’t play if there are heroes who they can’t recruit.
    I really think it’s fair if Playdom make it such that these heroes can be recruited using high amount of CP, more than 200 is fair (at least it’s still possible to recruit them and without using real life money). 
    I already made a suggestion about it in the official forum for MAA. Dammit, this is sad.

  4. MaGonzalez

    I worry no more, at the end whether we take a long time to collect all the cp points needed we will get them all.  Just a matter of time.  By having them all at once doesnt mean you wont win games.  At the end its how you set your team and how you play that will determine that.  Playdom wont see any money from me i rather wait a long time cause i will get them all and thats it

  5. sharpie15

    I did not start playing this game until ghost rider had already expired but i really would like to recruit him but they did bring back the avengers suit so there may be hope

  6. Lena

    I really wanted Magik. My boyfriend has her, and I did not have enough command points when she was on sale. Does anyone know when she will be on sale again?

  7. john rey

    dude really the sp is rare so my other friend have 2 accounts the account is supplier of sp and the 1 account is recently using

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