Redditor Creates iOS Game ChuggaBugga for His Young Daughters


Doug3d and his daughter testing the game

Reddit user doug3d posted a touching story on popular website Reddit today. His latest game, ChuggaBugga, a kid-friendly iOS title featuring trains and bugs, was built entirely as a labor of love for his young daughters.

The developer dad wanted to create a game that a one year old could play but would still be fun and interesting for a four year old. The game features “lots of playful animations, no complicated UI or buttons, no failure, and no timers,” doug3d said.

Doug3d’s interest in creating this game came from hearing his daughter talk in the car one night. When stopped in front of a railroad crossing, his little girl began to guess what was in each boxcar as a train passed in front of the car, each thought sillier than the last. That moment inspired doug3d’s work, and development on the game began soon afterward.

The game itself looks to be an experimental playground-type game for young children to enjoy learning with. For instance, there are several boxcars in the game kids can tap to open and play with. “Each boxcar looks ‘plain’ on the outside but has something special within,” doug3d said. “That’s a powerful yet subtle message for kids.”

Concept Art

Concept art created for the game by doug3d’s eldest daughter

A shape converter robot is also featured in the game, materializing regular shapes into 3D objects kids know from the real world. This further adds to the game’s educational motives.

Doug3d had a lot of fun creating this game and would love to independently develop games for a living one day. “Nothing beats the smiles on little faces I see playing it,” he said. “If it goes on to be a success, I hope to make more games like this full-time.”

ChuggaBugga is available for the iPhone and iPad for $1.99 with plans for it to be released on Android devices in the future.