North America League Championship Series Week 9 Recap

As the end of the 10 week regular season inches ever so closer, all of the teams in the League Championship Series have started to feel the heat.  Although the final standings are starting to look clearer, there was still no shortage of great matches and upsets in week 9.

(Underline signifies winner)

Match 1 – Curse vs. Team MRN

Week 9 started off with Curse absolutely destroying Team MRN in a dominating fashion.  The combination of Voyboy’s Renekton and Saintvicious’ Volibear proved to be too much for Team MRN to handle.  Curse gained the early lead and never looked back in this 30 minute stomp of Team MRN.

Match 2 – Team Dignitas vs. Counter Logic Gaming

This match was also in the same vein as the previous match, with Counter Logic Gaming snuffing out Team Dignitas in a quick 25 minute game.  Dignitas had a substitute jungler, DJ Lambo, because their normal jungler, Crumbzz, was out this week.  Their unfamiliarity with each other showed, as Counter Logic Gaming effectively controlled all 3 lanes and shut down any sort of jungle pressure from Dignitas.

Match 3 – compLexity vs. Curse

compLexity vs. Curse finally broke the pattern of the prior 2 games and ended up being a long, drawn out fight that lasted over 45 minutes.  compLexity started by surprising folks during champion select, choosing to go with jungle Alistar and mid-lane Janna.  This proved to be an smart choice in the early goings, with Janna pushing lanes rapidly with her great wave clear and Alistar disrupting Curse with his fantastic crowd control abilities.  However, Janna’s lackluster late game presence was compLexity’s downfall, and Curse was able to take this grind of a match by the late game.

Match 4 – Good Game University vs. Team MRN

With 2 kills in the first minute, this game looked to be lively right from the get go.  Team MRN took the early lead, but after a blunder at Baron, Good Game University took control of the game and made the final push 30 minutes in.

Match 5 – Good Game University vs. Team Dignitas

Good Game University faced an uphill battle against one of the upper echelon teams in Dignitas.  But GGU rode the momentum from their last victory and used it to fuel their upset over Dignitas.  Dignitas decided to go with an unconventional top lane champion, Fizz, and GGU took advantage of that uncommon champion and snatched the win.

Match 6 – Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team MRN

CLG vs. MRN ended up being one of the most exciting games in week 9.  Most people thought that this was going to be an easy win for the higher placed and more experienced CLG team, but that wasn’t the case.  Team MRN’s top laner MegaZero was undoubtedly the MVP of this game.  With his inspiring Riven play, MegaZero carried his team by going 8-1-8 with 2 triple kills.

Match 7 – Good Game University vs. compLexity

The match between two of the league’s bottom dwellers immediately became intriguing at champion select.  There was a litany of unorthodox picks, with GGU going with support Leblanc and compLexity going with top lane Viktor.  GGU’s pick of Leblanc ultimately proved to be the better choice, as Daydreamin’s Leblanc was bursting down members of compLexity quickly and efficiently even though he was playing support.  With this win,  GGU ended up 3-0 in their week 9 games.

Match 8 – Curse vs. TSM Snapdragon

The final match of week 9 was the game that most fans were looking forward to.  TSM and Curse are two of the most popular teams, and with TSM gunning for Curse’ first place spot, the stage had been set up for an explosive match.  Behind the impressive performances of Dyrus’ Renekton and WildTurtle’s Miss Fortune, TSM managed to beat Curse in a 25 minute game.

The headline of week 9 was Good Game University’s excellent performance.  GGU catapulted all the way into 5th place after going 3-0, and they look to push that momentum onto the week 10, the final week of the regular season before the playoffs begin.  Here are the current standings:

1st – Curse (18-5)

2nd – Team Dignitas (16-7)

3rd – TSM Snapdragon (16-7)

4th – Counter Logic Gaming (11-12)

5th – Good Game University (9-14)

6th – Vulcun (8-15)

7th – Team MRN (8-15)

8th – compLexity (6-17)