Level-5’s Yokai Watch Release Date Set for Japan

Level-5’s newest game for the 3DS,  Yokai Watch,  is set to release in Japan on July 11th. The announcement comes with a trailer and a few screenshots from the game. The plot of the game revolves around a young boy named Keita who is searching the forest for rare insects. While looking for new species to collect, comes across a ghost butler named Whisper, who gives the young boy a watch that allows him to see other ghosts. The game also has an option to play a female character instead, named Fumi-chan.

Game play revolves around going through out town and completing quests a finding, capturing and collection ghosts. There is no set date for US or international release.

Yokai-Watch_2013_04-15-13_001 Yokai-Watch_2013_04-15-13_002 Yokai-Watch_2013_04-15-13_003

Source – Gematsu