SpikeDislike 2

SpikeDislike 2 Developer Clashes with IGN Over Game’s Coverage

IGN is under hot water with the developer of SpikeDislike 2 for profiting from the game’s trailer without proper credit.

SpikeDislike 2 takes the simple concept of a bouncing ball hopping over spikes for points and executes it in an addicting way. James Gamble, the man behind the iOS game, blogged about the way IGN was promoting his content. In the blog post, Gamble states his initial excitement for his little indie game being widely publicized by such a big gaming website like IGN. However, his mood quickly turns sour when he saw how IGN was promoting his game. His first issue with IGN’s SpikeDislike 2 article is that they didn’t ask for the game’s trailer. Second, they took the trailer and uploaded it to their own Youtube account with the IGN watermark plastered on it. Third, IGN added ads in the SpikeDislike 2 trailer, ensuring they would profit from the video. The fourth and most important complaint Gamble had with IGN’s exposure for SpikeDislike 2 is that they didn’t credit him or link back to the app. To say the lack of credit made Gamble a little upset would be an understatement:

The official IGN page contains no links to my App.
The YouTube description contains only a link to the IGN page.
There is no link.
There is nothing.

IGN stole my content, called it their own, slapped a watermark and adverts on it, and then didn’t even so much as put my fucking name on it.
The rat fucking bastards.

Fuck you IGN!

After Gamble’s rant against IGN was tweeted, retweeted, and posted on Reddit, the gaming website removed the SPikeDislike 2 page and later took down the trailer.

Considering how IGN usually works together with big named publishers to promote their games, like their recent coverage of Dark Souls 2 and their advance review of Bioshock Infinite that drew negative attention from other gaming journalists, their lack of recognition they gave to Gamble for SpikeDislike 2 comes off as disrespectful to the indie developer. While IGN did the right thing by removing the game’s trailer from the Youtube account, they could have smoothed the situation out by simply crediting Gamble and linking back to SpikeDislike 2 like he asked.