Starbound Open for Preorders

One of the most anticipated indie games from Chucklefish is now officially accepting preorders for their game, Starbound. Tiy, the man behind the making of the game (although not alone mind you) has finally made the announcement many have been waiting for what seems like forever (me included).

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Pre-orders are being handled by Humblebundle’s “Humble Store” widget with payments for Paypal, Amazon, and Google wallet. The game is expected to release on Windows, Mac, and Linux, all of which will be unlocked via a Steam key. Preorders include beta access and a 66 sound track download. Pricing for the preorder starts at 15 usd and offers of a 4-pack are available at a discount. FAQ section from the site details all the information about the pre-order and beta:

Q. If I buy the game today, when will I get to play Starbound? A. Your first chance to play Starbound will be when the beta launches later this year, preordering will ensure you’re one of the first to play it.

Q. Which platforms will the game support? A. Windows, Mac and Linux!

Q. How many tracks are included in the Soundtrack? A. The preorder includes two soundtracks, the Starbound Soundtrack that contains 24 tracks and the Starbound Experimental Soundtrack that contains an additional 40. We will be adding additional tracks over time!

Q. Does my purchase include a steam key? A. Yup! When the game appears on steam we’ll send a steam key out to everyone that has purchased the game thus far.

Q. How come you’re doing this Kickstarter style? A. We’re financing the game out of our own pocket and a couple of our team members have had to take on second jobs. We’re hoping the preorder will allow them to work full time on Starbound and get the game to you quicker!

Q. What if you don’t get enough preorders, will the game be unfinished? A. No, the Starbound is going to make it out in 2013 no matter what. But by preordering you help it get here even faster.

Q. Will I be notified when the game is available? A. Yes! We’ll send you an email when the beta is ready to download and when a steam key is available.

Q. How will I get access to the game, game keys and other rewards once they are ready? A. When you complete your purchase, we will prompt you for an email address which we will use to notify you when your rewards are ready. We are also hard at work on an account system where you will be able to log in and see your purchases and get access to beta downloads and steam keys when they are ready. This account system may also be used for other in-game features. Stay tuned!

Q. Are there any rules when it comes to naming NPCs? A. Only a few obvious ones, nothing vulgar, nothing under copyright or trademark and it can only consist of letters, no symbols.

Q. How does weapon design work? A. We’ll email you asking how you’d like the weapon to look and how you’d like it to function and we’ll work with you to make sure the gun looks good and fits nicely into the rest of the game.

Visit the Starbound Store today to pre-order.