Buffy the Vampire Slayer – The 5 Best Moments

There’s no denying that Buffy the Vampire Slayer built a tremendous following over its seven years on television. Joss Whedon created a show strong enough to wash the taste of his 1991 movie of the same title out of everyone’s mouth. Like most shows in the genre, Buffy is guilty of having some weak “fluff” and throwaway” episodes (Bad Eggs anyone?), but when Buffy is on, it is spot on. Countless moments that transcend television made their way onto the small screen. Five of which, stand out to me as the pinnacle of what Buffy can do.




buffy_the_vampire_slayer_sweet5. “What You Feel”

Arguably Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s most popular episode, “Once More, with Feeling” sported some of television’s best musical numbers, and gave us Sweet, Buffy’s most sauve villian. For me, his send off is one of the most memorable moments of the series. “Once More, with Feeling” caused a domino effect for plenty of important plots throughout season six, and forshadowed quite a few. During his send off song, “What You Feel,” Sweet essential calls the gang out for their lies and denial over the sound of sweet, sweet Jazz.


buffy_the_vampire_slayer_close _your _eyes 4. “Close your eyes”

Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s second season was full of ups and downs. It’s two-part finale was about as up as one could get. The tension of the second half of the season was built around Buffy’s conflict with good-turned-evil boyfriend, Angel/Angelus. The were several battles between them, but the best and most vital one was at the end of “Becoming: Part 2.” As if it wasn’t hard enough for Buffy having to send Angelus to Hell, Willow was able to return Angelus his soul, reverting him back to Angel. On the brightside, Buffy was able to see Angel one more time and exchange a passionate kiss. The downside, followed shortly after, being Buffy ramming Angel through with a sword and sending him to Hell.


buffy_the_vampire_slayer_warren3. “Bored now”

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has seen its fair share of violence, but nothing quite reaches the disturbing quota as well as the death of Warren Meers. If anyone deserved to die out of the Trio, it was easily Warren, but going out the way he did, made me feel bounds of pity for him. Watching Dark Willow flatly say “bored now” then mercilessly flay him alive is enough to make just about anyone cringe. But it’s not only the gore of this imagery that makes the scene stand out, it marks Willow’s complete turn to darkness. Willow saying “bored now” is also a great homage to season 3, when we briefly meet Vampire Willow.


buffy_the_vampire_slayer_the_body2. “She’s cold”

Ever-present is the mystical when it comes to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Its abundance of vampires, monsters and supernatural elements cause the human moments to stand out the most. One of the most surreal moments in Buffy was the death of Joyce. More accurately, the events that followed her passing. From the moment Buffy discovers her body to when the paramedics take her away is one of the most daunting scenes I’ve ever seen. There’s something about the way Buffy says “She’s cold” (describing her mother to the dispatcher) that moves me. It shows that she hasn’t completely grasped what happened. Sarah Michelle Gellar performs perfectly as portrays Buffy as utterly lost.


buffy_the_vampire_slayer_the_gift1. “The Gift”

After an iffy fourth season, Buffy the Vampire Slayer bounced back with good writing and generally strong episodes in its fifth season. To complete a strong season, came a strong finale in “The Gift.” This finale is filled to the brim with quality Whedon writing. Seeing the darker side of Giles as he takes out Ben is close runner up for this list, but nothing beats the “gift” Buffy gives by sacrificing her life for the world. Between Buffy and Dawn’s moment before Buffy takes the dive, seeing Spike’s painful reaction and the music that beautifully accompanies, the scene is practically flawless. It’s probably the best ending to a season that Buffy has ever seen.