Developer Livestream: Guncraft – Exato Games Strikes Back

If there’s one thing that’s always certain about the gaming public, it’s their love for Mario, pixels and guns. While Exato Games can’t exactly give you Mario, they can in this instance, bestow upon you a game based off of pixels and guns. Resembling a dangerously similar play-style to that of Minecraft, ostensibly Guncraft doesn’t seem like much. However, after diving headfirst into the voxel-based shooter, it’s more different than you’d ever realize.

In a specialized press event, Exato Games invited us to play Guncraft with developers. Of course, we decided that this experience had to be recorded in its entirety. If witnessing Guncraft in motion for the first time intrigues you, or perhaps observing atrocious play entices you more, check out the video below!

My personal favorite mode in Guncraft had to be something called Spleef. In this particular scenario, you and your opponents are nestled onto a platform with nothing but molten lava underneath. The object is to tear the blocks out from underneath the feet of your enemies, allowing them to crash into the liquid death. If you’re the last one standing, a point is yours! There’s other modes like Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and a Horde-based Onslaught mode. Without question, you can bet Exato will have many more modes for Guncraft upon and well after its launch.

Expected to release later this Spring, Guncraft will be available for $14.99 on digital platforms that have yet to be announced. Although, you can help get them on Steam by voting for Guncraft on Greenlight. Do it up, people!