Pokémon Company Announces 2013 as Biggest in Pokemon History

The Pokémon Company has announced that it plans for 2013 to be the biggest twelve months in Pokémon history, with several important announcements to come during the year.


Pokémon Company

Pokemon Company to reinvigorate the franchise with big year planned.

From new video game titles to a range of new toys,  the months leading up to the release of Pokémon X and Y on the 3DS are virtually guaranteed to be of immense interest to Pokémon fanatics. Among the titles to hit store shelves will be a new Mystery Dungeon title, set for release in May. Apart from gaming titles, the company also plans to launch a new TV series which will most likely veer away from the tried and true adventures of Ash Ketchum and into an entirely new storyline.

Pokémon Company

After 15 years, the Pokemon Anime may be about to get a major shake up

Internal Marketing Director told UK gaming site MCV that “Undoubtedly 2013 is a year for us to grow and usher in a new era for Pokémon.” He also claimed that new games would appeal to “both veterans and newcomers”, indicating that the company may be waking up to the fact that much of its fan base has grown up and may be aiming the future products more towards this age group.