Android OS Time Wasters: 3 Fun (and Free) Games

The genre of Android games is a wide ranging set.  There are triple-A companies releasing mobile versions of their games (like Grand Theft Auto and Need for Speed), as well as extremely low budget games that look like a three year old made them.  Then there are the games that are free, but are also entertaining and well made.  These games let you burn some free time without spending a dime (unless you want to).

Hill Climb Racing for Android


The Tank is one of the more recent additions to the game, and costs a fair amount of tokens to unlock.

The key to a good time waster is the ability to stop whenever you need to.  Some games require a long-term commitment to complete them or to finish a level.  The first of two racing games on this list, Hill Climb Racing allows you to take it level by level, earning tokens to spend on upgrades, new vehicles, or new levels that allow you to keep progressing and enjoying the game.  The levels are designed to be tough to impossible to beat at the lowest levels.  As you earn upgrades or get more specialized vehicles, the checkpoints become easier to reach, allowing for more tokens to be earned.  Tokens can also be bought if you couldn’t be bothered with earning them.

This game is an addictive title, as can be vouched for by several of my family members.  It will keep you busy whenever you’ve got nothing better to do.  Be careful though, because it will keep you busy when you do have other things to do as well.  For more information on Hill Climb Racing for Android, check out my review.

Drag Racing


For a free title, this game has some of the better graphics I’ve seen on the Android OS.

Drag racing is another easily partitioned activity.  This Android title is great for fans of games like Need for Speed, since it allows you to work up the ranks and upgrade your cars to compete in different categories.  There are several types of vehicles, including import coupes, domestic models, and muscle cars to name a few.

The upgrade systems uses a couple different “currencies” to purchase them.  As you unlock achievements or successfully win races, you earn Respect Points (RP).  As you complete races, you earn a certain number of dollars.  Upgrades at the lower levels can be bought purely with cash, but at higher ranks, require RP.  Respect Points can also be purchased instead of earned.  The career mode is the main feature of the game, but perhaps not the most profitable.

This game also includes a decent multiplayer aspect.  You can join Pro League tournaments to earn loads of RP, or you can compete “head-to-head” in a couple different types of time trials.  Face To Face time trials pit you against an opponent straight up.  Drivers Battles put you behind the wheel of your opponents car to see who can drive a faster time.  Finally, you can bet a certain amount of RP against another player in a race.  If you win, you get your bet back double.  If you lose, you lose your wagered RP entirely.

Plague Inc.


The game has a zoomable map of the world, allowing you to see the details of how your disease is spreading.

Originally based on the popular Flash game Pandemic II, Plague Inc. for Android puts you in the shoes of a mad scientist developing a deadly disease.  You pick the disease type, pick where it starts, and help it spread and mutate to develop nasty symptoms that affect its severity, infectivity, and lethality.  The goal is to effectively balance these traits to spread the disease to every person in the world and kill them off.

This game is definitely morbid, but it isn’t graphic.  The interface consists of the world, the number you’ve infected, and the number that are dead.  Menus contain useful and/or interesting statistics about your disease and its spread.  As you “successfully” complete the game, you unlock new disease types like fungal infections, viruses, and parasites to differentiate the way the diseases spread or mutate.

While the premise may sound relatively easy given the time, you also have to take into account that once noticed, humans will both attempt to prevent the spread, as well as start working on a cure for the disorder you create.  This Android title takes many of the entertaining elements of the browser based game and puts them in app form, with more interesting content.


There are other titles that are great for burning a few minutes or hours on your Android, but these are the three I found most effective for myself.  They’re great for someone on a budget, but each of these titles also have micro-transactions that allow you to unlock that particularly stubborn item or upgrade you really have been working toward.  Have any other games or apps you burn time with?  Leave a comment in the comment section below and share it with us!


Hill Climb Racing – Google Play

Drag Racing – Google Play

Plague Inc. – Google Play