Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 74: Gon Brings the Pain

In the climactic showdown between Gon and Genthru in Hunter X Hunter 2011 episode 74: “Victor and Loser,” Gon takes two victories at great cost.

Gon is hardheaded to a fault. In the episode 73 of Hunter X Hunter 2011, he delayed implementing the plan Killua cooked up to force Genthru to use his deadly Hatsu bomb techniques. In this episode, he delayed it again when he thought of a “bright idea.” Well, at least to him it was a great idea. To Genthru, it was insane. Gon sacrificed his left arm and let his right be severely damaged to land a single hit on his opponent, then he pulled out his main weapon, the Janken Rock. Genthru pulls off a quick plan of his own, but by then Gon had pulled off his minor victory and was ready to employ the plan he was supposed to follow from the beginning. With two ingenious items turned into cards – gasoline and a humongous rock – Genthru received the full force of Gon’s special attack, leading to his ultimate defeat.

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After the vanquished are collected, the victors use the Breath of Archangel to heal themselves. We see a bit of a moral dilemma ensue when Goreinu refuses to use Archangel to heal the bomber group. While it is a positive note on the Hunter X Hunter series, it gets old fast to see the good guys do good stuff. Of course, it’s unavoidable as Goreinu, unlike us viewers, don’t know the duo of Gon and Killua sufficiently well to know what they’ll do next in such a situation.

On another note, we also get to see the Archangel at work; the very card that the billionaire Battera wanted to obtain for the love of his life. The Archangel is a frighteningly powerful Nen technique capable of retrieving people from the brink of death. Rather cliché, but it gives us a glimpse of the power and the skill of the people behind Greed Island. It looks like Gon’s group will have to face a final hurdle before completing his father’s game: a quiz. That and what seems to be a looming threat from some of the remaining competent players in the game. Though I doubt anyone would be stupid enough to challenge the group responsible for beating Gethru’s bombers.

The climax to the Greed Island arc was quite satisfying, though it was a bit too fast. In two episodes, the notorious bomber group that terrorized Greed Island for a long time was wiped out. The complex fight sequences remained true to Hunter X Hunter fame, and the addition of the Greed Island game elements into the scheme of things made for an even better battle. After Razor’s dodge ball game, an all-out fight (where Gon actually manages to have his left arm blown completely off), was just the right icing to the cake. Come April 21, the new and heavily anticipated Chimera Ant arc begins, and hopefully we’ll get to see more high-level battles, complicated scheming, and great plot development to the series. [by ]