BundleStars Offers 6th Bundle: 10 Addictive Games in “The Catnip Bundle”

BundleStars launched their 6th “Pay What You Want” bundle today called The Catnip Bundle. Get your meow on with the arcade game Pushcat and blast your enemies away in the sport combat game Metal Drift for any amount above £1 (est. $1), and 8 more titles on top of these for any amount above £3.94 (est. $5).


The full game list for The Catnip Bundle is designed to captivate your gaming senses and get you hooked with a variety of genres and games:

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Pushcat – help Pushcat the purple cat collect silver coins by combining similarly colored gems in a game rife with “crisp pixel art” and retro tunes.

Metal Drift – Get on your hover tank to blast away at your opponents in a futuristic sports arena in this vehicular sport combat rush.

Obulis – Put your thinking cap on and try to solve 150 mind-boggling physics-based puzzles.

Avencast: Rise of the Mage – Fight off demons, solve riddles, and learn and cast spells in this action RPG fantasy world.

Post Mortem – The prequel to Still Life takes former-detective Gus Macpherson into the darkness at the heart of the streets of Paris to unravel a conspiracy.

Nikopol – A suspenseful adventure game that puts your gray matter to the test in an attempt to stop a looming plot.

Wasteland Angel – An arcade shooter with a vintage feel, this game pits your dual machine gun wielding vehicle against 24 levels filled with renegades, gangsters, and mutants.

Chains – Challenge your own speed, strategy, and mental skill as you link similarly colored chains of adjacent bubbles in this puzzle game.

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You can get your Catnip Bundle and all 8 games listed above plus 2 mystery titles – all in all worth over $90 – by going to www.bundlestars.com and redeeming them via Steam®. A portion of BundleStar’s proceeds will go to SpecialEffect, a nonprofit organization aiming to help the disabled enjoy their video games as much as you do. The Catnip Bundle is open until April 26.  [by ]

Check out the trailer below: