Video Preview: Insurgency – Bullets For Everyone

Nowadays it’s pretty amazing to see what an indie studio can push out with minimal funds and staff. Insurgency, an indie title falling into said category, brings even more truth to those words. Back in 2007, New World Interactive was responsible for the original Insurgency which was a Half-Life mod. Gaining popularity in rapid succession, it’s given way to the more modernized version of Insurgency you see here. Due out this summer, we’ve crafted a nice video preview of our time in an early access build of the game.

If you have any experience with shooters, specifically Counter-Strike, a game like Insurgency will fit nicely within your repertoire. Having absolutely no experience with Insurgency myself, I found my experience with games akin to Counter-Strike to help in familiarizing the game’s surroundings. It’s not an audaciously brutal shooter, but you will need to slow down the typical run in and murderize everything if you want to become any good.

While this is an early access preview note that there hasn’t been a tremendous presence within the game itself. Saying that, we were only able to showcase some of the co-operative moments within Insurgency.

It’s been a long, long while since I’ve sunk my claws into a more cerebral shooter like Insurgency. Back in the day, I used to lose countless hours to the timeless classic, Rainbow Six. Something about team collaboration, instantaneous (albeit permanent) death and a plethora of weapon load-outs intrigued me but those shooters are few and far between now. A lot of what I used to play is definitely present in Insurgency, but I just don’t know how many would be willing to climb back into an old classic, so to speak. With games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive set sturdily in the genre, I’m interested to see how fans and newcomers alike will take this game.