Video Showcase: Braving the Depths of Warframe

Today marks a monumental moment in the history of the Leviathyn network. Why, might you ask? Well, today we’re unleashing the first of many brand new, high-quality videos that give you glorious, unadulterated entertainment. First up is a small look into Digital Extreme’s free to play title, Warframe. What is a ‘Warframe’ you ask? Well, it has something to do with ninjas and… they’re actually aliens. Actually, they’re like cyborgs, but… Alright, it’s complicated.

The story behind Warframe is a touchy one. In the off chance you remember the title Dark Sector, Warframe’s aesthetic style resembles the gritty third-person action title almost fully. Why might that be? That’s because Warframe was supposed to be Dark Sector, before Digital Extremes had to go back to the drawing board. It’s an extremely interesting story and if you haven’t read about it, do so now.

Alright, video time.

Warframe Showcase

Having been around since the closed beta, I can tell you that this game has really come around. The new mods, abilities and feel of the overall game are superb and being free to play, Digital Extremes should be commended for finding a way to make you keep playing without leaving you feeling cheated, alone, and possibly frustrated. With all forms of Warframes and weapons to choose from, you decide what’s worth leveling up. In this style, I haven’t seen something work this well since the original Asheron’s Call.

I think my personal favorite thing about Warframe right now is the rare crafting system and ridiculous ninja moves you can throw out. It’s tough to find all the necessary materials to craft specific items, but once you find them all the reward is almost always worth it. Regarding the moves, if you time it right, you can flip, slide or wall run your way out of any situation. At irst everything will seem foreign to you, but after a couple of planets pass you by, each stage will present a variety of options to get around and/or give you the edge in battle.

So what did you think? Does Warframe look like the kind of game that’s worth a try? Do you have a better idea of what a friggin’ Warframe is? Let us know what you think of this feature and what else you’d like to see in the comments below!