BioShock Infinite

That Awesome Moment When A Blues Song Really Brings BioShock Infinite To Life

While playing through BioShock Infinite this afternoon, I came across a small bit of the environment that made me stop and consider things for a moment. At this point in the game, I was witnessing a war-torn Columbia as the revolution had begun and the Vox Populi were rising to power. With the sound of guns and fighting in the background, I found this young woman singing a mournful blues song.

Throughout its campaign, BioShock Infinite uses music time and time again to great effect. Music is used to cue certain actions, express a tone, and even just accompany you and make the world feel complete. But in this moment, I was stricken by the powerful simplicity of one voice clearly representing a group of oppressed people. In a game rife with racial struggle and class warfare, it was a stunning moment that really brought some of the game’s themes to life, and it’s one I’m glad I witnessed.

What are your favorite musical moments of BioShock Infinite? Tell me in the comments below!

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