The Best Songs of Rock Band – Cherub Rock

The long reign of Rock Band downloadable content is finally over.  This past Tuesday, April 2nd 2013, Harmonix released the final piece of Rock Band DLC, Don McLean’s American Pie.  Starting with the release of the first Rock Band on November 20th 2007, Harmonix has managed to put out new Rock Band DLC every week without fail.  That amounts to 281 straight weeks for which there have been new weekly content for folks to consume.  That is simply a staggering number, and kudos must be given to the Boston-based developer for maintaining such longevity.  Although the concept of DLC is starting to irk a majority of the public, Rock Band has been the shining beacon on how to do DLC the right way.  To commemorate this amazing franchise, I’ve decided to honor some of my favorite songs that have been in Rock Band.

I’ll start by highlighting a Smashing Pumpkins classic featured in the first Rock Band: Cherub Rock.

Cherub Rock is without a doubt one of my favorite songs to play on the drums in Rock Band.  It’s fast paced, energetic, and strikes a perfect balance between difficulty and fun.  The album from which it’s from, Siamese Dream, is an all-around superb album, and Cherub Rock is just one of the many great tunes from that track list.  In fact, expect to see more songs from Siamese Dream in future entries of The Best Songs of Rock Band.

Just as a note, these videos are not meant to showcase perfect play with full combos and optimal overdrive usage.  I’m just presenting what I believe are some of the best songs to be in Rock Band.  I’ll also attempt to play the instrument in which I think is the most exciting to play for each song, but expect to see mostly drums, as that is what I am most proficient at.

Next time, I’ll be shifting the lens to Rock Band 2.  Stay tuned.