Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Review: A Simple Yet Detailed Fighter

Injustice may not be out on consoles yet but you can still get a taste of what’s to come provided you have an iOS device.

On April 3rd, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released the Injustice Gods Among Us iOS version which weighs in at 500mb and is compatible with a bunch of iOS devices that aren’t older than iPhone 4, iPad 2, or iPod 4th Gen. The app is optimized for the iPhone 5 and required iOS 5.0 or later.

Now, before we delve into the actual game let’s look at one of the most important factors of this game: in-app purchases. The base game gives you access to Nightwing, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor, and Green Arrow for free. After that you have to either unlock other characters through battles or spend money to gain Power Credits. These can be purchased in bundles of 12,000 up to 1,500,000 ($1.99 – $99.99). After you buy yourself some creds you can spend them on Booster Packs, individual characters, or Support Cards.



Booster Packs contain characters and Support Cards. You can buy a one-time Starter Pack for only $4.99 which will start you off with a couple characters. In my Start Pack I got Deathstroke and Bane along with a couple Support Cards. Support Cards are basically upgrades for your characters. For example, you can buy or earn Sinestro’s Power Ring which gives him more power with his strikes and abilities. Then you have individual characters.The game contains 36 characters for you to play as but they are not all unique. You’ll find at least 2 versions of each character on the roster. Characters range from 8,000 Power Credits (Catwoman) all the way up to 220,000 (Superman). They are marked by a scenario such as Insurgency, Regime, or nothing (Normal). I’m guessing this has to do with the actual Injustice storyline.

I say I guess, because there isn’t a storyline in the iOS version. You basically go through stages of battles in 6 different sets. After each battle you have a chance to unlock a new character or Support Card. After my third battle I found Catwoman and I did unlock a few more as I progressed so the unlock rate is somewhat fair but you’ll find yourself battling quite a lot if you’re striving to unlock everything.



As for the battles themselves, they aren’t as flashy or action packed as the console version will be. In fact, the battles are very stiff and straight forward. You have a crooked view of your team (3 heroes/villains) as the scene is somewhat behind your characters as they look at their opponent. You then either tap or swipe to use your weak and strong strikes. The weak strikes can be strung together in a combo which then culminates in a gesture-based final strike. You’ll either have to swipe up, swipe down, left or right, or tap as fast as you can to increase the damage modifier. You can block attacks when you press two fingers on the screen and hold them there.As you strike your opponent you’re constantly building up your special meter which has a stage 1 and an ultimate stage. The ultimate abilities are very cinematic and fun to watch.

That leads me into my next point: the graphics on this game are insane. Injustice Gods Among Us iOS looks amazing. The battles are vivid and the character models are very detailed. This is a great looking mobile game. Don’t let my screenshots fool you. They may look pixelated and iffy when I snapped them on the iPhone 5 but when you’re actually playing the game it looks amazing.



There’s more to this app than just senseless battles. Your characters will gain experience from the fights, level up, and get stronger attributes. This combined with the Support Cards means you’re basically building the best Injustice team you can. If you have some patience you can unlock things and characters as you go. I haven’t hit a point where buying Power Credits was necessary for me to get something but if you have a favorite or two, you may find yourself spending a few bucks to get them quick. I did so for Sinestro since he’s awesome and I jumped for joy when I saw that he was announced for this game.

The Injustice Gods Among Us iOS game may be simple but it’s still a fun way to blast through a few minutes with your favorite DC Comics characters in a highly detailed and beautiful looking app. Given the free entry price to the game, I’d say it’s very much worth a download just to see if you can get into the quick yet simple battles and unlocking process. You may find yourself happy with the mobile experience but even if you don’t you’ll still get a little preview of what’s to come from this app’s big brothers on April 16th.




It not be out on consoles yet but Injustice Gods Among Us iOS gives us a taste of what’s to come. Is it worth downloading?

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