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Five Game Character Team Ups That Need to Happen

The gaming world has so many awesome characters. Some are so perfect for each other, they’re just begging for a cross-over, whether they team up or become enemies. Here’s my personal list of gaming characters who I would love to see bump into each other.

Claptrap & Portal Turret

Artist Credit: FBende on DeviantART

One’s a psychopathic murdering machine, and the other is the world’s most irritating robot but together, it could be true love. Of course, the turret would need to have his ammo removed beforehand, but Claptrap would surely fall in love instantly. After all, poor Claptrap did have his assembly line destroyed and his humans friends are…well, not really his friends. He just needs something to talk to and I’m sure Claptrap won’t mind that the turret has a very limited vocabulary.

Lara Croft & Nathan Drake

Artist Credit: DiegoLlorente on DeviantART

People often remark on how similar they, and their games are – so surely Lara and Nathan would make the perfect duo. Sure, there’d be some fighting, but if Hollywood movies are to be believed, fighting always turns into romance anyway. Imagine the co-op potentials! Although, we’d all miss the bromance between Nate and Sully, and Lara usually works alone so perhaps it’s for the best they stay in their separate universes.

Bayonetta & Dante

Artist Credit: Kamillyonsiya on DeviantART

Bayonetta  and Dante meeting is less likely to be a romantic encounter and more likely to result in an epic battle. Bayonetta is a witch, and can summon a demon made up of her own hair to defeat her enemies. Dante, being a demon hunter and all, would assume that Bayonetta is the bad guy – could you imagine the fight that would ensue? They both have duel pistols (although Bayonetta has the advantage of having two more on her feet too) but Dante has a huge sword. The question is: who would win?

Samus & Master Chief

Artist Credit: TaoPaint at DeviantART

These armoured heroes would undoubtedly make a great team. Their combination of futuristic weaponry, unique armour suits and love for killing alien scum means that they would probably get along pretty well. Samus might even persuade Chief to take off his mask for the first time. Surely that’s a good enough reason alone to get them to team up.

Zer0 & The Spy

Artist Credit: STBlackST at DeviantART


Zer0, a vault hunter from Borderlands 2, has the ability to turn invisible. The Spy from Team Fortress 2, can disguise himself as well as turn himself invisible. If they were trying to kill each other, The Spy might just have the advantage here but together, they would be the ultimate stealth team. Both enjoy up close and personal kills with blades, as well as covering their faces with a mask. Clearly, they were made for each other.

Is there any other perfect gaming duos I missed out? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. matheson

    nathan hale and commander shepard!!! both go beyound the call of duty to defend the earth for demention jumping aliens

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