Brace Yourselves: Farming Simulator 2013 is Coming to Consoles

With the plethora of shooters and action games that have been released over the past few months, you might be feeling a bit of fatigue that routinely saving the world time and time again manages to bring about. Well friends, Farming Simulator is coming to consoles, and it’s offering you the chance to escape into the simple life and abandon adrenaline-fueled fests for a time.

While it’s already been released on PC, Farming Simulator 2013 is set to release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in September (no news on the Wii U as of right now) and will feature a good amount of exclusive content for farmers on the console.

Those purchasing the game on 360 or PS3 will have access to a completely new environment. While the standard game comes with a European environment, you’ll now be able to take to the ‘Muricas by playing in a North American environment that doubles the game’s world size and offers new toys and features in great scenery, bigger fields, new farming vehicles, places, and opportunities to grow and cultivate the perfect farm.

Farming Simulator is a simulation game that tasks players with taking up the role of being a farmer and running a successful farming operation. Throughout your time with Farming Simulator, you’ll “face the challenges of a modern farmer: animal husbandry, crops, harvesting, sales of your products, and of course buying new vehicles and machines”, all in an effort to become a successful farmer and run the most profitable and successful outfit you can possibly manage. It’s no FarmVille, and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

My casual gaming 19-year-old brother became strangely addicted to Farming Simulator 2011 on PC. Being that my experience of farming comes from field trips in grade school and various PBS kids specials I watched during my childhood, I can’t speak to the game’s overall quality. But, Farming Simulator 2013 managed to become a success on PC, and I’m sure there’s a dedicated audience that will dig in (heh) once it’s released on consoles this fall.

While you wait for its eventual release, check out this NSFW fan-made trailer that has subsequently become one of my all-time favorite YouTube videos: