Game-of-Thrones season 3

5 Show Recommendations for Game of Thrones Fans

The third season of Game of Thrones premiered this Sunday. It’s a day fans have been waiting all year for. The only problem is now we have to wait a week at a time for a new episode. But if you’re like me one new hour of TV entertainment isn’t enough to sustain me all week. Here’s a couple of TV shows I’d recommend to Game of Throne fans as we wait for this week’s new episode.

House of Cards

I’m recommending House of Cards because it’s pretty much a modern American version of Game of Thrones. There might not be any swords or dragons, but the scheming, groups fighting for power, the politics,  and the backroom dealings are all there. This Netflix original series is able to get away with more than network television  just like HBO does, so House of Cards can show some nitty gritty scenes which produces actually entertaining TV. If you like the political parts of Game of Thrones then this show is totally for you, even if you have to open up a Netflix subscription just to watch it. Interested? Check out my review of the first season.


Rome is a show I’ve just recently started watching, and it has similarities to it’s HBO brother Game of Thrones in many ways. Rome follows a variety of different intertwining story lines. And it follows the classic that medieval style with lots of old school sword fights and big battles. I can’t say that so far the show is quiet as good as Game of Thrones, and there’s only 2 seasons to keep you occupied with, but if you like the combat and story lines of game of thrones then Rome is sure to interest you. Honestly, it’s hard to find TV shows to populate this list with that are set in a Westeros style world, and Rome is one of the few good shows that comes close.

Boardwalk Empires

Boardwalk Empires is another more recently set show. There’s just not a lot of fantsy realm TV shows that are worth watching. But even though Boardwalk Empires is set in a more modern era, it’s still got it’s fair share of scheming and plots between a variety of different storylines and characters. I’m just finishing the first season of the show myself, and it seems to land inbetween Game of Thrones and House of Cards. It’s based on American politics, but because the show is set during prohibition in the United States it’s setting is as foreign as the Seven Kingdoms.


Have you noticed the HBO trend yet? Deadwood is a Western that puts all of the politics and scheming on the frontier (actually in Deadwood, SD to be exact). Besides Red Dead Redemption there isn’t a single Western themed thing I enjoy, except for this show. It’s natural setting is beautiful, the huge cast is all pretty good, there’s some good original soundtracks… There’s not a whole lot of bad to say about the show. It’s Eight Emmys and Golden Globe Award speak for themselves I guess.

The Walking Dead

Everyone I know that’s a fan of Game of Thrones is a fan of The Walking Dead, and vice versa. The two might not have a lot in common, but the two shows seem to attract a similar audience. Most of the swords are replaced with guns (except for Michonne’s), and the only “magic” is whatever is making the dead start walking. But there is an combination of dynamic characters that make up the main group, and it’s character development rivals Game of Thrones’s. Plus, if you’re a fan of the Game of Throne novels, The Walking Dead was originally adopted from a comic book series. Now you can watch two shows and complain about the discrepancies between the written and filmed works.

Other Possibilities

There are some other shows out there that people compare to Game of Thrones that either I haven’t seen, or couldn’t get into. The Wire, Firefly, and the Sopranos are all supposed to be good shows that I haven’t had time to check out yet. I’ve also heard Game of Thrones fans recommend The Tudors and The Borgias, two Showtime shows, but I didn’t like them as much as the other titles on this list. Are you a Game of Thrones Fan? Let us know what you’re watching while you wait for the next episode in the comments below.