Leveling in World of Warcraft: The Three Least Fun Classes

As a followup to my earlier “Leveling in World of Warcraft: The Three Most Fun Classes“, I now bring you a quick breakdown of my three least favorite classes for leveling in WoW, as well as my reasoning behind it.  This is certainly not an overarching look at the ease for someone familiar with certain classes to level them, it’s just my personal experience when playing and a gathering of my feelings for these classes.

Warrior Leveling


Quite possibly my least favorite class to level.  Having only ever played a Warrior to level 40, I can say that the early levels for Warriors, no matter how you cut it, are gruesome.  Soloing is difficult, and being overrun early on is a distinct possibility.  Being in close and having sparse self heals at low levels can make anything but the tank spec frustrating at best while attempting to do quests on your own.

When you do decide to pick the protection spec though, it makes you feel as though you should be running dungeons.  The low level mentality in dungeons now makes it difficult to make ANY mistakes when tanking, lest you get called out, or worse kicked.  It’s not hard to play the class, but the abilities provided are to barren at low levels to survive.


  • Can be fun to execute and whirlwind at higher levels
  • Feeling of power


  • Low survivability at low levels requires patience to work past
  • Survivable spec feels pidgeon-holed
  • Difficult threat generation early
  • Share gear with two other classes

Hunter Leveling


I’ll likely get a lot of hate for this choice, but I do not enjoy leveling hunters.  This may sound strange based on my favorites article (since I like leveling Warlocks).  I find Hunters to be always watched with a stern eye since many new players start off playing them.  The term “Huntard” is a term I believe in, especially since I play a healer normally.  I’m constantly having to tell new players to turn off growl or stop pulling random groups.  When I find myself making a mistake and leaving growl on or tab targeting to a group that hasn’t been pulled, I feel like scum.

Not to mention, playing a Hunter, in my opinion, is one of the most boring classes.  It’s so easy that I find myself dozing off while running dungeons (and still doing top damage).  Many elite players complain about WoW being too easy now.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of those folks played Hunters while leveling.


  • Do a lot of damage
  • Easy to play


  • Easy to make a mistake, hard to explain your way out of them
  • Not challenging
  • If the pet dies while questing (before getting Feign Death), not a lot of melee utility anymore

Rogue Leveling


Now this one is a complicated situation.  My third highest level character is a Rogue.  I am happy he is up at 85.  I am also shocked I had the patience to level him so high.  Rogue was also my first class I ever played (still have my first character), and I could only bear to level that one to 24.  One key reason is that I don’t enjoy PvP much, and questing is tedious as a Rogue, since single targeting and picking off stragglers is the key to questing.

And don’t even get me started on dungeons.  While I’ve seen some Rogues pull massive damage in endgame raids, that was only after obtaining the Legendary daggers, and it still wasn’t top damage.  It is very difficult to keep up consistent damage.  One of the only things that kept me playing my Rogue was the unique playstyle and the intrigue of the class (I’ve very much enjoyed playing Rogues in Dungeons and Dragons in the past).


  • Interesting abilities
  • Strong burst damage
  • Very low sustained damage potential
  • Easy in one-on-one fights, any more can be dangerous
  • Not great for PvE overall

That wraps up my least favorite classes for leveling in World of Warcraft.  Check out my most favorite, and Ron’s possible new races for World of Warcraft.

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